The D60 KREW Out of Town Photo Walk!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

It's going to be one great weekend for me because my D60 KREW are planning a photo walk in the south. Since we were just roaming around the metro the past few weeks, this will be our first out of town event. I'm sure I am not the only one excited! Details about the KREW's shirt are also being taken cared of by the gang. It looks awesome too!

Well not just that, we were initially planning to go on an East to South route but we would probably be better off going directly to the South Super Highway via EDSA since we are gonna have problems as nobody really knows the route from that end. There are some members from the Southern part of the metro who knows some of the landmarks there so we have a better chance of getting there earlier if we choose that path instead. Check out the itinerary put in the works put together by Vince Serrano:

1) Rizal Shrine, Calamba
2) Church of St. Peter of Alcantara, Pakil
3) St. James and Apostle Church, Paete
4) St. Gregory Church, Majayjay
5) Underground Cemetery, Nagcarlan
6) Mt. Makiling
7) University of the Philippines, Los Baños
8) Makiling Botanic Gardens
9) IRRI Riceworld Museum and Learning Center
10) Boy Scouts Jamboree

The route would need us to be in Cubao as early as 4:30AM. Then off to Calamba for about 1.5hours - 2hours. We will be at the Rizal Shrine which has the St.John the baptist Church and Calamba Plaza right beside it. After that we will go to LosBaños for for the other landmarks. We need to finish that in about 45mins. After LosBaños, we will go to Paete for about 1.5hours-2hours or Majayjay as an option because going to Paete and Majayjay would have different routes. We will have lunch in TAYTAY FALLS the same location, where most tourists usually buy rice and lechon manok in Sta CRUZ for picnic/lunch at the falls. That is just an awesome weekend huh? Can't wait to shoot and spend time with the D60 KREW!!!!


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