Flavor of the Month: UBE!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

A few days ago we were surprised by one of our managers here in the office. It was the birthday of her Dad and she made it a point to get us a part of the loot. She brought cake and pasta to the office. This was no ordinary cake... it was UBE... yes ladies and gentlemen it was UBE!

With the way things are going, we opt to eat that time in the pantry since we were mighty hungry at that time. Of course being the "Filipino" that we are, we offered the UBE cake and pasta to the guards too. I ate a bit of the pasta and UBE Cake obviously and we also got the guards to eat with us. There were just two who did but I think they gave some of their share to another compatriot in the other building which we didn't mind because it was with our manager's generosity that we are after all eating it. So they had a few servings and we also had our own. A few slices of UBE cake was left in the box and so when another officemate arrived, we told her to have some UBE cake and eat it too. LOLZ! That's soooo many UBE in one paragraph!

She said she was going to share it with her boyfriend that morning because they had a particular schedule when they eat. When they got into the pantry, they saw the other guard (who previously ate UBE cake when we ate) looking at the UBE cake box... but they did not mind it because they apparently did not think they would get interested with it. After they ate outside and went back for the grand dessert, that same UBE cake box was missing! Yes ladies and gentlemen... NAWALA ANG UBE CAKE!

She looked for it and went back to her desk... she saw that same box hidden under the desk of the same security guard. She never bothered to confront them anymore and told me about it... I never thought it was a BIG deal... but in the morning she told this to another officemate and reported it to the administration. Now the guards are in a hot seat because the whole office knew about it. They were also rumored to probably lose their jobs because of this UBE cake! So people, ladies and gentlemen... I hope you learn your lesson... never to look at an UBE cake the same way again. This is definitely the flavor of the month... UBE!!!



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