Printing my Digital Photos

Saturday, July 18, 2009


his has been a long withstanding task for me since I have not printed any of my photos yet. Yes I know how silly that sounds but I never got the time to go digital printing shops here and around the city because I always have a photo shoot every weekend. Tomorrow is not also exempted because I am going out of town south of Manila. So now you know my dilemma getting decent printing services in this part of the world.

There are more options on line and as a matter of fact a better alternative. When it comes to getting your photos printed, they now come in various designs and sizes. If you could see the difference, they have better output than what I anticipated. The colors are so vivid; the primary colors just pop and appear better than what I see in an ordinary RGB screen or computer. This is definitely the better way to show what I have been doing in photography. My cousin also was talking to me about leaflet printing so they can also use my images commercially. It makes everything so professional looking. I will print some of them now. What a sight to behold!


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