KUMAGCOW MOOOOVIEW REVIEWS: Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Saturday, July 18, 2009

This was one exciting film and I was an avid fan of the first one. I heard they had plans to make a sequel but this second part among others was indeed better! It was not cartoonish on any rate and have better story flow than the first one. I guess the first one was made to introduce the cast and the actual robots. This second Transformers movie was made in good taste and I would really love to recommend it to a younger crowd since most of us can appreciate the hard things they do to computer graphics and this one hot representation of the female species:

Need I say more? Aside from that, the story of "The Matrix" which was shown in the early Japanese cartoons we love so dearly in the 80's and 90's is the main plot of the story. We also saw some familiar and not so familiar robots like Starscream, Soundwave etc. There are also a couple of vehicles that you would actually like in the movie because this time there are more than enough sports cars to battle any of Tokyo Drift sequels we so love from last year. Maybe soon we can put in Vin Diesel and get him to be one of the actors in the movie. I just do not know though where to put him hehehe. All in all this was a good move for the production and the directors. I would gamble giving them 4 KUMAGS for graphics and story. I recommend you watch this if it would not be available in DVD soon... you will regret something if that happens.


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