Debt is Not The End of The World

Friday, July 03, 2009

This weekend was really hard for me financially. Aside from the regular utilities I paid for, I spent a lot buying the camera bag and that darn annual fee CITIBANK charges its clients every year. So in half a month I paid around 14 thousand pesos cash for that single card. Now I know how it feels in the US, where everybody lives by this plastic rule... the credit card.

Not to be outright mad at these banks I searched for ways that I could do in order to make ends meet since I am spending a fortune on just one bill. I learned more that what I could chew, because I now have information about debt consolidation. Yes, it is how some people handle their debt in the US. Some have pretty much suffered on their credit report because of the economic crisis that struck the United States. I watched thousands of people leaving their homes because they were not able to pay for mortgage they loaned from banks. Some of them only carried the basic necessities and the clothes on their back. I was also seeing some of them not able to afford moving from one house to another. Leaving large furniture pieces behind that could have gotten them the extra money they need for the new one. Children even left their toys, which even made the movers, cry a little in that news program. It seems debt consolidation could help them a lot since they only need to pay one entity instead of numerous companies charging those interest rates that are out of this world. I hope people made the right choice and consider this a better way to manage their finances. I know I will!


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Musta. Thanks for your time to visit my houses. Here I am visiting you. About this article, I have so many debts and I have it tons to be exact.heheh

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