Next Photoshoot: Balete Falls, Amadeo Cavite

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Photo grabbed from Google from Armand_Apuntar

It's on the planning stage still but there will only be 10 slots given to this particular event in the weekend. This also will be done by nationally renowned photographer Rolly Magpayo. He will be discussing the tricks of the trade in fashion and glamor photography. This would be a very good thing for me to take up but it might end up non conforming to my actual schedule so I really do not know if it would be possible to get this one going.

I even like the location since it will be in Balete Falls, which locals and tourists alike frequent during the summer. I hope it would be as good looking as the previous shoots that were held there with other photographers. I've got a new trick in my sleeve though. I will be employing a new mode of shooting, and maximize the use of my camera. This would be really fun if I could attend this event. I just hope everything pushes through and the vehicles stay as cool as I want them to be hehe.=) Im currently post processing the pictures from the last photoshoot and finishing the video for the Laguna photo walk. I hope I can finish everything before the weekend.


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