The Need to Rest

Monday, July 20, 2009

I'm so tired after that trip to Laguna and it was also really hard to get a decent shower at this time in the office. The shower room is also cramped with stuff from other employees and the lockers we have were not sufficient to hold all our belongings. I still got that handy towel wrap so I do not get the floors and corridors wet. I run from here to there but it was good I did not have to suffer like the rest of them; as I came well prepared.

I stuffed my filthy clothes in the laundry bag and I will get them to the washers early tomorrow morning. It is just so convenient to have one! I want to be organized too so this bag is really helping me a lot. Maybe after this, I would need to go home early because I need some sleep. I have been awake for about 29 hours when it strikes 6:00 AM. I just hope this would not affect my health. I never got sick for almost a year I guess and I would not want to start now. I do not have my own nap mat in the office because it would be troublesome for me to go from here to the other building where our sleeping lounge is. But I really need to get some sleep and get some rest after that exhausting photo shoot this morning. I better get some on line stuff so I would be better tomorrow. I have not incurred an absence in 5 years from the office and it would not be so nice to break that just because I am sleep deprived. My body can only do so much; I hope it would not be calling in sick tomorrow. I would be really disappointed if that happens so wish me great health and good luck!


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Miles said...

it that the bag you're talking about? nice. :) anyway, its good that you work hard but hey, you're not a superhero so yo better take a rest :)