The Real Freedom

Thursday, July 02, 2009

The world has been full of wars in its quest for ultimate freedom. Every country, race and nationality succumbs to the thought of having their people in a free state. I was moved when I watched a Political Activist Video about a young man who tore apart his own passport in India and declared himself free from the bondage society makes. In a civilized world, we are all bound to the country we live in and only thrive within its laws because it is the norm. We conform to what our forefathers have agreed upon in the past and live to each standard that was made as the laws of the land. But then where is the freedom they asked for? Where is the freedom they all fought for?

I ask this question myself every now and then but to tell you the truth, the answer is pretty hard to digest. It all boils down to answer questions "HOW" we could achieve freedom. It is a tall order for ordinary people I know because like you in the US or people like me in the Philippines, we all have our stories and struggles on how we achieved our grown understanding of freedom. Is this the real freedom we hoped for? Is it the freedom that countless lives fought for in wars here and elsewhere in the globe? If your answer is YES then you have freedom, but if not then you have to find it. I remember GANDHI once said that "Freedom is not worth having if it does not include the freedom to make mistakes" so if you do not try to get that real freedom this man in the video sought for; then that is the struggle you have to go through in order to get it.

Learning the lessons and living the life meant for each person in this world is the freedom I choose. If it was only that simple for each one of us, then there would not be that much chaos in this world. We would have fewer things to worry about. We just need to do our share in getting this world to be better than when we found it. That is the only way we can say we have achieved freedom.


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