Tuesday, July 28, 2009

One early morning at STACKERS Eastwood

This is the day I'll tell you about a meal I enjoyed with friends a couple of nights ago. Since I work in Eastwood City there are close to a hundred restaurants that I could have gone to, but I specifically asked my office mates to eat in an Australian Burger restaurant called STACKERS.

The Stackers Premium Burger...

I already had a full stomach that time because I partly had dinner at home before I went back to the office. Richard just got back from the US and didn't want to eat burgers but I guess we had no choice but to go to the only 24/7 store aside from McDonald's... at least it is something slightly different.

The ambiance was nice since there were only a couple of employees from nearby buildings eating too. I ordered one of their premium burgers since I expect that it would probably be their best and most expensive piece of meat on the menu. Richard ate a Philly steak equivalent of the burger while Bernadette ate the salad with chicken fingers on it. I was not really that impressed when it came out of the kitchen. Service was also not that appealing since they confused me with everything they had on the menu. Their menu by the way was a little worn out, I would have wanted something on the line of laminated or plastic covered stuff but I guess they only had those made in cardboard prints. It was really a little filthy.

Her Salad was a little disappointing!

When Bernadette's salad came, there wasn't even enough effort for a presentation on it. They just put greens and a couple of leaves of romaine on the bottom then put the chicken fingers flat on top of it. They should have at least stacked them high so it would look a little better. I did it myself so it would look nice in the camera.

See what I mean? The sauce was a little Asian inspired but it was not that good considering it would have been easy to prepare that fresh. It felt like it was all bottled and packed so I was not that impressed.

I was not that impressed... =(

The burger? The actual premium burger they served me was so so. I hated the fact that I was actually gearing that this particular one would beat the current king of burgers in the country aka BROTHERS BURGER but I guess I was wrong. Their half pound premium burger was a charbroiled frozen burger inside a bun that occupied most of my plastic basket which they serve this in for. Burgers of this expensiveness and caliber should have gotten close to what the picture actually shows. But no, it was far from it and when I tasted it... it really was not that much of a challenge. I ate it in one sitting but man I was not satisfied. Presentation wise this burger was not appealing because I practically was overwhelmed with the bun than the actual meat itself. For the carnivorous me, it was a failure on 2 instances... first was the frozen mass produced state of it and second is the not so charbroiled flavor. I'm sorry but on this note, it did not beat BROTHERS BURGER.

The false Phillysteak like burger that they had was eaten by Richard. He was not amused by the content of it and did not even know that it was also charbroiled. He could not even tell! I had to tell him about it and since he already ate the Philly steak in Washington, he thought this was a joke... but he says its okay... so for 2 guys and a girl, STACKERS failed.

Ordinary Rootbeer and Sprite, nuthin special!

The drinks we ordered were just lemonade and colas, and I got the rootbeer. The colas were ordinary, and the lemonade was more of a calamansi flavor. It was not something to rave about than the simple iced tea other restaurants had.

In this round of KUMAGCOW vs STACKERS, I will give them one KUMAG for at least trying. I hope someone does research on the food they serve next time. I'll review that if they consider revising their menu.

KUMAGCOW not happy about this one. =(


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