Life Loved and Lost

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

This morning was a very sad for most of the people in our neighborhood because of the untimely death of the matriarch of the MEDINA clan. They have been our neighbors for a long time and I grew up seeing her taking care of her sons, daughters and grandchildren. A couple of her kids were also close friends of mine. They own a bakeshop just across the street from our home so it was obviously a factor that we often see each other everyday.

Being a little overweight, she had a great chance to have heart ailments because of her diabetes. She was rushed to the hospital one day because she suffered a stroke. Confined in the intensive care unit, it was really a whole lot to bear just with their family business as a source of livelihood. They even got her to the best and advanced hospital in the Philippines which is St. Luke's Medical Hospital and the bills just piled up to about 7 Million Pesos which is roughly around US$150,000. It was a really huge amount to bear and she did not have life insurance to pay for it. Her family tried to get help through public government offices, but they could only help much. She passed away this morning and we all mourn her death. We were all worried about the family she left behind because they will be the ones who is going to pay for it too. We helped financially as much as we could but that would only amount to a couple of thousand pesos. It was still huge because she did not have her own Term Life Insurance. Things would have been easier for the family if they got one.

It is a good thing that we all have life insurance and paying for it was easy enough in terms. With this as a lesson, I am sure most of you will consider getting life insurance.


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Superjaid said...

7 million pesos?aww..thats a lot of money..hirap talagang magkasakit..magastos..kawawa naman ung family nya..