To Have an IPHONE or Not To Have IPHONE

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I have been contemplating on getting an IPHONE these past few days because my handy dandy N6280 is giving me a lot of trouble. The phone book is not working right, groups cannot be arranged and the applications do not even match my lifestyle anymore. I heard phone companies in the US like AT & T are giving great discounts on this handset so I am kind of thinking about this again. Maybe it is time my N6280 retires and get a new one.

I have been reading a couple of reviews about the newest one that they have in stores. This was not in my budget obviously so I really have to think twice or else I might starve myself just to get one this month. I was helping out a friend too in getting a new apartment; he could not afford the one he is staying in. He needs one that is quite close to his work since it's pretty hard for him to travel all the way up to the North where he originally lives. I had to lend him money so he could pay the first few months, so that is where much of the money goes.

I read that there is also a free application you can install and download from the IPHONE APP store to find apartments in the US. It uses state of the art GPS for location-based search technology so it would not be that hard to find one in the millions of apartments and rental homes nationwide. Real photos and notes on the property can also be seen. Check this out!


It also has the ability to share listings on FACEBOOK so even your friends can recommend or get one themselves. This is awesome software and I kind of need it now so I'll download them right after I purchase my new IPHONE next week from I have seen some apartments in my part of town but they were a little off the budget, so I might need the help of modern technology and a little luck for my friend so he can move in earlier.

This is so cool! I will keep a copy and download MyNewPlace in the iPhone app store. You should do that too!



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