The HUB Photo Shoot

Monday, July 13, 2009

Graphics Maker

The photo shoot this weekend was awesome! This was my first time to tackle nude photography in its truest sense. I was able to concentrate on the subject. There were only ten of us shooting in this posh club in Malate Manila. This was "The Hub" which is owned by several foreign entities and is an "ONLY MEMBERSHIP" club. It was really that exclusive. The place was so nice and really had the ambiance of "EXCLUSIVITY" even if it was not that publicized. There are a lot of people who frequent the place and spend quite a few bucks for the perks inside. We were glad to have been invited to this place for the photo shoot. The model was also awesome in fact. The industrial and modern furniture design was really apt for the club. This was really nice to have been my first nude photo shoot. I won't let you see the pictures of course! That's not really good for the general audience of my site. Maybe in the long run if society permits some things like that for kids I would really consider it but because some of my online friends are minors I would not do it today.

Having the best photographers with me was also a perk, but I would not want to mention their names so their wives would not react that much and file for divorce. LOL! I love the way the shoot also went but it would have been better if it was in a controlled environment. Much like a studio perhaps. We were also constrained with time because we barely made the opening of the bar. The owners and the publicist was good enough to allow us to shoot in different rooms and places in "THE HUB". So for gentlemen who have the money and time to spend what they worked for, this is one good place to go to. It was really awesome!


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