KUMAGCOW'S Day, July 15, 2009

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

This evening I missed watching Ice Age 3 with the rest of the moderators at work. I guess I was so much tired so I over slept. Now I'm just staring at my phone with 10 missed calls and a lot of text messages from them, oh I wanted to review that movie! I guess I have to watch that at home instead because I have no one to take to the malls this weekend. I'm going out of town for a photo shoot so I'm gonna be quite busy.

I'm watching TV and waiting for the right time to take a shower so I can get to work. The show "May Bukas Pa" was being watched by my Mom and Dad. Well, lets say I can relate to them quite a bit because there are some incidents on this show that are remarkably similar to real life. This show should be commended on content, its really great to see TV is improving in the Philippines. Though I would have wished more movies to be shown than TV. It would really be nice to see that instead. I'm gonna check the thread and finalize the details of our photo walk this weekend so I don't have any hitches on Sunday. I have to go back early since I have work that day too. Lets just cross our fingers that I won't be late that day. Aside from that, the weekend shoot was nice. I got some pretty nice shots, but am currently post processing them. I'll be posting some of them later I guess so watch my flickr account!


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