More Photoshoots, More Trouble... nothin we can't handle!

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Well, according to the EB masters on the photo shoot this weekend; we are having problems about permits on the building rooftop we plan to go to. Not just that, we do not have a backup plan yet for this shoot. We may have a photo walk but it would still depend on the location every body agrees upon. Hmmm... this is the first time we are having problems with our shoot... well almost. We had some minor problems on the last one because the models suddenly have their own problems and the schedules did not really fit in.

Ahhh.. I guess there's always a first time. Soon there will be more and I hope we weather things because all we wanted to do was a decent photo shoot each week. With all the things they need just to make it happen, it is goin a little harder. Sheesh! I hope this would not be a weekly occurrence.

I'm also excited about tomorrow because I'm going back to of the Ex's hahaha...It's okay I know, if ever we do meet there we would be just reminiscing I guess. Yeah, its really awkward but its okay. I know it will be, and I'm going to have to shoot a lot of landscapes I guess. No one is going to stop me! Hahaha....


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