Bea Binene Celebrates Birthday at "Haven for the Elderly"

Monday, November 17, 2014

We went all the way to Barangay Sampaloc in Tanay Rizal to celebrate Bea Binene's birthday with folks from "Haven for the Elderly" which consequently is also the set of her show Strawberry Lane. Bea has just turned 17 and she wants to make it real special by sharing her blessings with the Lolos and Lolas from the shelter managed by DSWD.

Bea Binene

Also present during the occasion were fans of Bea particularly the JaBea Irises. They wanted to support her in all her endeavors including the causes she believes in. Bea loves her grandparents much like the rest of us; but for those who don't have homes, it is a different situation. It's a good thing that there are government agencies that provide shelter and care for these individuals, otherwise they'll be roaming the streets without anyone providing hygiene and a place to sleep. GMA Artist Center arranged this gathering so Bea and her sponsors can give back, even just a little.

Bea wishes for them to have good health, and more birthdays for them too. Since Strawberry Lane has rated very well, she wants to give back to the community where they shot the show. Bea doesn't want to wish for anything anymore because she's already so blessed and an opportunity to say thanks was enough for her. She sang a few songs for them later on.

She also gave away prizes through small games they prepared for the elderly. She gave thanks to Unisilver Time, Posh Nails, Tony & Jackey, Monreo Biscuits, Active White, Magnolia and Kambal Pandesal. The Lolos and Lolas were extremely happy to have received precious gifts from them.

The Haven for Elderly folks then whipped out their guitars, their drums and started playing Christmas songs. It was a very touching way to say thanks for everyone that made the event possible. It was like a mini party for them. Bea's Mom was also seen crying on the sides because she felt so happy about their gesture, she was super happy.

She had to blow a couple of cakes too from her sponsors on this bit. 

To end the occasion, they also serenaded Bea Binene before heading to the tables for lunch. They were that sweet! 

Thank you GMA Artist Center for letting us tag along on Bea's birthday. Here's to more meaningful journeys for her this 2015! Oh and by the way, they changed the time slot of Strawberry Lane and pushing them right after Elmo and Janine's show. Watch out for that switch!


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