Lauren Young Visits CHILDHAUS on her Birthday!

Thursday, November 27, 2014

We went back to CHILDHAUS in Mapangakit Street, Quezon City to celebrate the birthday GMA's Lauren Young. She's part of the hit show "Hiram na Alaala" which she's doing together with Dennis Trillo, Rocco Nacino and Kris Bernal. She wanted to be with the kids who are in dire straights so she could actually help, or just simply spend time with them. These kids have different ailments including cancer and this shelter caters to them so they don't have to go to far flung provinces to get treatment for it. They are indigent and when Lauren arrived (straight from school) the kids welcomed her by performing on stage, they were good, that made Lauren even cry a bit.

It included a song to thank her too so that part made Lauren get touched even more. This was really a sweet gesture from the kids!

Since it's Lauren's birthday, she had sponsors help her give gifts to the kids. All the things you see here, will be given to the foundation, the parents and the kids. Lauren thanked GMA Artist Center for preparing this event. She also thanked Monreo Biscuits, Thai Tea, Mogu Mogu, Sun Cellular, Active White, Zagu and Kambal Pandesal who chipped in to make this event possible.

She also started to sit down with them and do a little story telling. It taught the kids how to love their parents which was so fit in this occasion. They also joined the games GMA Artist Center prepared for them. Even if some of them looked sick, the smile on their faces tell us otherwise. There were several survivors in the center too that told us their story and how CHILDHAUS helped them during the toughest times. It only means that this place put up by private organizations is doing it's purpose, to ultimately help those who need a place to stay when undergoing chemotherapy. 

Lauren couldn't thank the people enough for giving her a meaningful way to spend her birthday. Her wish is for everyone, including herself to have a better year ahead. She also wishes the kids could get better and have their family behind them all throughout their battle with cancer. Some of the kids we visited there a few months ago were gone but they said some got to get home already. That was great news, but for some who we still saw in the shelter, they still need our help. I hope this Christmas, you could get to celebrate the holidays with them too. Or if not, try to help you local charities as much as you can, not only in material things, but time.. precious time.. that would be a great thing to make them heal faster, I'm sure of that!

Happy happy birthday Lauren Young and I hope to get to interview you soon for Hiram Na Alaala. I wish I could visit their set again sometime soon. Thank you to GMA Artist Center for having us once again!


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