Martin Nievera and Pops Fernandez for The Penthouse Live Reunion!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Martin Nievera and Pops Fernandez For Penthouse Live! Reunion.

Don't you miss the Concert King and Concert Queen? Want to see them together in one event? For those who lived in the 80's, one particular show made a mark in evening talk, it's called Penthouse Live! Martin Nievera and Pops Fernandez were strangers then, had opposite views about life, their banters made headlines and then one day, Martin Nievera just decided to court her, then marry her. Yes, this was where it all started. Now, they're doing a reunion show at the PICC Plenary Hall on December 12, at 8 PM. It's called "The Penthouse Live Reunion".  

Penthouse live was where Donya Buding started, (the infamous character that Nanette Inventor made for the show), talks say that she will be there, but Strawberry her supposed daughter won't because legend says, she didn't even exist. Talk show host Jojo Alejar started here too together with The Tigers (who does mean 80's Pop dance routines), they'll be back in the show for this one night and it'll make your memories come crashing through on this show by DSL Productions. They'll also be getting us surprise guests. There will be a few artists who might drop by as well, some would look like they're just part of the audience, then sing or perform with the royal couple later on. There are a lot of things you should look out for in this show.

Martin comments about the current TV industry and says "It's hard to asses them now because it's so fast. If you can promote something quickly, you should do it the same way. It's very easy to know things now. I remember the time when Boyet, Johnny and Jay Ilagan guested in the show, they got offended when I asked their names because I was clueless about them. They ended up not going back to the show after that. Now I know everybody, for as long as there are people out there who want to see us as us, we're there!" says Martin.

Ms. Pops Fernandez says "We have to give it to the artists and people who recognize our work. Penthouse Live was a peg for many people, other shows followed suit and try to emulate what we did naturally. There's no fakeness in that show, from marriage to annulment everything was in front of the camera. I hope people get to see music, talk and everything we did for the show. I have to thank the show for paving the way for my career and hosting and recording. Everything happens for a reason, I grew up and became more responsible. There was a stage for being bitter and angry but I didn't want to be miserable for the rest of my life. I never wanted my kids to be involved or get reactions from them. "

Martin adds "Robin and Ram are just talking about it now but nothing changed because Pops never destroyed me in front of my kids. That's the best thing. Robin is sensible, Ram is sensitive. We give our kids free will to even tell us or give feedback with songs now. We are so blessed to have good offsprings. Initially Pops wanted this to be a concert, I wanted it to be a TV special which will show on public TV like a month, but we can do it anywhere. With her involved behind the scenes and in concert production, I am very happy for Pops. For me, there's no one else that can be like Pops of course."

Here are some excerpts of the press conference, enjoy!

Remember the date, it's December 12, 2014 8PM at the PICC Plenary Hall. Get your tickets from Ticketnet outlets nationwide or call 8919999. This concert is also directed by Rowell Santiago, so you're going to be sure it'll be like when we were there in the 80's.

The Penthouse Live Reunion is presented by Sta. Elena Construction and Development Corporation, PLDT Home DSL, Yakult, PLDT Home Telpad, OAAP-Outdoor Advertising Association of the Philippines, PAMICA Graphics, Prouna Hankook Chinaware - The gift of luxury, The Food Club - Your Lifestyle Buffet!, Jet7 Bistro, Don Henrico's, North Park, ABSCBN, Star Events and Business World.


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