Behind The Scenes Part 2: "Hiram Na Alaala" (Borrowed Memory)

Saturday, November 22, 2014

I love Kris Bernal. I'm sure she loves me too. It's been a while since we've seen her on a series and "Hiram Na Alaala" was much like a dream for her that came true. We all do know how much she's adored Dennis Trillo even when she was just starting in show business, yes you can say that he's like an ideal man. She was giddy when we sat down with her during the set visit a few weeks ago because she would get to tell us the experience of working with the MHL star. 

Kris Bernal says "People should watch out for the pivotal comeback of Otep because they'll see how he comes into play. There are days where I already stopped crying, times when I fall in love with Ivan because I already see Otep in him. I remember the kisses, I remember making mistakes so we could do it longer (then we laughed). Andeng is in love with him, so I had to do it in real life but it's not going to be that fast, I know he's my crush but there are things to consider. He knows I adore him. I always say that while we're getting teased by the cast. I know that's going to be impossible because he's already had a lot of girlfriends and I'm like here in height (then we laughed some more). Dennis Trillo was my crush even before I became an artist of GMA. I feel it every time we rehearse. Dennis Trillo is a very good kisser, we had 3 takes and I had to do it in different angles. This is the most mature role I've done and it's difficult but I'm doing it. I'm so thankful though because the project is very nice, it's on prime time and I've been able to work with Dennis. I feel so honored to work with someone who had a successful run like MHL. He did a great job there and could have chosen other stars, but they chose me for the role. The competition is tight and the age group I'm in have a lot of competition. I'm pressured to work for it but I hope people see our efforts. 7 years in the industry was already good but given the chance to be in lead roles and not getting any rest made me so thankful with GMA because they trust me."

She adds "I hope people get to like us not just with our personality, fame, but on how we perform as artists. No matter how easy the scene is, I always make a point to make the audience feel it. I want to make an indie film this coming year and do things that I haven't done in the past. I want something with more skin, more mature, something new. I've already done bed scenes in this project and I've worn things that I haven't worn before. I prepared for that scene to tell you honestly. We didn't even talk that much but he was so great. It was intimate and he took care of me during that time. I didn't know he was going to strip in front of me and I gasped seeing how comfortable he was. I said sorry a couple of times when there was little hesitation on some scenes. It's one of the reasons I'm interested asking why he hasn't settled down or doesn't have a girlfriend yet. I wonder what he wants to have someone who can cook, I'll immediately enroll for a course (then we laughed again). I think Dennis is very sensitive and I'm really wondering if he's going back with Jennylyn (laughed some more).

Rocco is very good because we've been together in several shows already. If you see us, we're very comfortable and we see each other in SAS quite regularly. He's a good man. 

Every Sunday I always see my fans because they're always there. They are very eager to go to my shows, they put up events, and I always talk to them on a personal level. I even follow a lot of them on Instagram because their efforts are so big for me. Some of them have been with me since Starstruck days. They understand me and I wish there are more opportunities to see them, even the new ones on Instagram."

When asked about her former love team Aljur Abrenica, Kris says "I miss Aljur, of course, I miss him a lot. I even text him and ask if he's okay and I miss him really. I tell him I miss him and ask when I could see him again but we don't see each other that much anymore. Sometimes, he has personal issues that I don't want to get involved in, and if he feels he couldn't open up to me, I won't force him to do so because I respect him a lot. I miss him so much and I wish we still could get to work again some day. I hope to because fans are really asking for him, they're that solid and I know we started together. I hope and wish we get the chance to do so".

"Julia Lee and I only worked in two projects but in this show, we get to bond a lot over food. We chat a lot much like best friends and she always asks me to go out. Julia is very eager to work and she doesn't even sleep on set. She even goes here already made up. That's how professional she is. She knows a lot about me."

Julia says "In the beginning I didn't talk to Kris that much because I was to shy to do so. I respected her as an actress and me being the new one, I didn't expect to be this close especially when we were in Baguio. The times in between takes were so precious because we talk about a lot of things even when there's no work. I advised her, she's beautiful and she can see a lot of other guys. I told Kris to stop sometimes, because she falls in love differently."

Then Dennis Trillo arrived.

This interview with Dennis Trillo started really hoity hoity (direct translation: KILIG). Just look at Kris Bernal's reaction when hugs came her way from Ivan himself. Remember, she was talking about him being her crush? Well I think the series of photos above just let the cat out of the bag. 

Dennis Trillo just woke up from a short nap when we got to interview him.
Talking to Dennis, you get a little star struck. This silent but beefy guy has that aura, that presence, when you have him walking inside a room he doesn't have to announce himself, you feel why he's been tagged one of the greatest actors of this time. We tried to get to know him a little better afterwards. 

We first asked if Dennis Trillo if he's courting Jennelyn Mercado, he said no. He says they're just "OK". Actually it was Kris Bernal who asked that question, we laughed.

Dennis says "I am very thankful about the response of the viewers, and the management. I am happy because I get to work with Direk Dom and the whole group, the new people I work with like Kris and Rocco. This is a different love story, they don't do the traditional camera setup and painstakingly take the effort to present the show in new ways, I am happy to be an artist to get to make this project. It's like a movie actually. Everyone is working 100%, not just the artist, but the crew, and the writers as well. They're doing this to tell a story that you won't see in ordinary teleseryes."

About Kris, he says "I don't have a hand in that but I was able to work with her shortly before. It's new, it's refreshing, it's nice to see something that would be able to capture the interest of a lot of people. A new combination so they won't tire with the pairings. I like this because you get to work with new great artists, this made it even more special. Working with her is very light, she's a very serious actress and she's very serious when she's at work. If you see her in drama scenes, you'll see how great she is when she's balling, or crying. Sometimes Direk Dom even asks her not to cry anymore because it's very easy for her to cry and it's not just that where she excels. Whatever scene you ask her to be in, she delivers. 

This is the first time that we're doing a project, we're both very quiet in the set so we seldom talk. We're not that close yet but it's a process, it's not an instantaneous thing. When we spend more time together, then we can get to know more of each other. Anyway we're just half way the project and there's going to be a lot more instances or chances to get to know each other. 

I don't really think people are intimidated by me, I don't think like that. I act just like a regular chum everyday, normal, we're all equal. We all adjust with our co-actors when we're meeting them for the first time, I'm not different than other stars. I don't think about mileage or achievements. I researched about it and when the time came to do this, I was so interested. I already have done a lot of stories, but this was exciting. I don't know if this would be accepted but I didn't hesitate to do something new. I did my own stunts too. Kris is already great and she doesn't need extra effort, I do the same thing and I don't think I'm better, I'm just a simple guy. Every scene, we make an effort to present it well. Even the kissing scenes, Kris was good in that too. (Kris mentioned Dennis was a very good kisser earlier). A few days ago when we did those intimate scenes, I felt that we became more comfortable. We talk even better now. I am a very quiet guy, I think I bring that into the set too but that's just me. People think I'm trying to focus, but I'm just really quiet, that's my personality. If I get to have a girlfriend it would be the same, it just depends on the situation, or if the need arises to talk then I'll talk. Sometimes, it's just the topics. 

My ideal type of girl is someone who's pretty, someone beautiful, someone well mannered. I want someone who will make me laugh. Someone who will take care of me, someone who loves food, I don't mind if they're short. I don't care much about the age. If I feel I'm so stable and I've done all the things I want to do in life, I want a partner that I could get a long with, I'm not in a hurry really. There's a lot of projects soon, I want to study film making soon and it's in my things to do next year. Just as long as I have drive and urge to learn, I want to feed that. I love photography too, I see a lot of things in the future and I want to contribute in that area. Aside from research and talking to the Director and writers, I watched a couple of films that had the same theme. If I don't see any peg, I make them from scratch and make them a new person that would fit on the scene and role. 

My son is okay. The accident that happened a few weeks ago was minor, thank God for that. That driver was just a substitute and I think he was young and reckless that's why they met an accident.

Tom is different than me, and we're probably going to end up doing different projects. If you're an artist, you want to make something new that would excite viewers, maybe produce new films that I would wish to make. It's not going to be normal, I want something experimental and I don't want it to be the usual. I want cinematic revolution, not necessarily me in front of the camera, that's going to be hard because directing a show is really draining. If you do both, that's impossible but hearing my name behind the Director's line would be great. I want to earn that title, the respect so at least when it comes true I won't be bothered. If there's a dream actor to shoot with, I'll choose intense ones like Alex Medina, Nico, Sid Lucero, they're a different breed. 

My SRR project is already done, the trilogy is going to be a great combination. Ours is a psycho thriller and Gerald Tarog is a perfectionist, I like his style and it's like a commercial. It's organized and efficient and you know how they want to do it based on time. I'm excited to see that. Ulam is about a family, not a perfect couple though. I'm more of a loser living in an ancestral house waiting to be sold. They made us eat a lot of things and the more we eat that, the more weird stuff happens. They put a lot of work done in prosthetics, I don't want to waste time so I always make it a point to do different things so there's something new about me. You'll see me do a lot of action scenes soon, I feel I'd make really good ones in that genre because we can do that. I don't know yet but if there's a chance to do sequels of Janitor soon, I won't hesitate to do it. Though first, you must watch Hiram Na Alaala in its new time slot on GMA."

I would like to take this bit to thank the people from GMA Social Media, Director Dom, the cast and crew of Hiram Na Alaala for welcoming us into their set. I know you guys are busy and I'm thankful that at least, took a little of your time to get to talk to us so the viewers of your show would be able to get to know you, and what happens behind the camera. Thank you also for letting us bother your very busy shoot and hope you continue to flourish in ratings, even more than what you're getting now. I hope I get to interview Rocco someday soon, or maybe I can interview Otep on Twitter, that would be a nice idea no? Thanks again HNA! :)


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