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Sunday, November 09, 2014

I've gone to several beer, wine and food pairings but I haven't gone to one that does Coffee and Cake. Perfect timing had me going to a place in Epicurious at the East Wing of Shangrila Mall for an occasion that officially takes this beverage a step further - because this time, it's not going to be something for survival anymore. The Cravings Group who makes some of the best dessert pieces in the metro has now partnered with Australian brand Di Bella Coffee to give their clientele their dream of the ultimate coffee experience. 

Since October 28, all Cravings group restaurant chains have officially started to serve Di Bella's specialty coffee line which means all the coffee you'll get from places like Cravings, Epicurious, Lucia Ristorante, Lombardi’s, C2 Classic Cuisine, B&P, The Blackboard by Chef Michel and The Coffee Beanery (TCB) outlets nationwide will be fully supplied with coffee from them. Phillip Di Bella, the founder and managing director of Di Bella Coffee was there and he said "One of the few factors that got us interested in this partnership is because Di Bella Coffee and the Cravings Group have something similar. Both corporations started small, humble and family based. We pride ourselves with products that you wholly take care from the farm to the cup, the Cravings Group always has freshness and quality in mind and when this talk started with our partners, we never hesitated and we find this as an opportunity to grow in the Southeast Asian market. I guess we found our perfect pair with the Cravings Group."

Also present in the occasion was Ms. Annie P. Guerrero, the President, Badjie G. Trinidad, CEO both from The Cravings Group, Giuseppe "Joe" Molinario, the partner of Phillip Di Bella and Michael Anato Di Bella Coffe's Crop to Cup specialist.

The Cravings Group showed us what they were made of and got busy preparing the freshest bread and desserts they could whip up on their live kitchen.

Seeing these savory and sweet creations on the table top just made our mouth water. The line did actually not stop for these treats and I got so indulged in the Yema Balls covered in thick caramel candy shell. The freshly baked croissants? They took that away then smothered it with melted chocolate. The small canapes were like small vegetarian pizzas filled with mushrooms, bell peppers and melted cheese. Shall I continue? I don't want to torture you.

Di Bella prepared coffee for us and brought along their experts to do it.

Impressed? Not yet!
I must say, this is Instagram worthy.
Di Bella and The Cravings Group will not only make these extra ordinary cups in their stores. They have bigger plans with this happening. Ms. Marinela G. Trinidad says "With this partnership, the Philippine coffee industry also stands to gain so much. Di Bella is very intent in supporting The Cravings Group educate and train local farmers with ethical, sustainable coffee bean-growing practices. By learning and adapting such renowned leadership, excellence and expertise, Filipino coffee farmers will have the opportunity to learn and eventually harvest the best-quality, locally-grown beans which in turn give Filipinos the best cup experience. The Cravings Group is proud to partner with Di Bella.  Not only do we raise the bar of cafĂ© concept by presenting customers with new world-class coffee choices; we are also more than happy to create positive impacts to Filipino coffee farmers" the CEO added.

Fruitful partnerships never had it this good. With the mighty ensemble of food items from The Cravings Group and the excellent coffee from Di Bella, we're assured of quality products in the coming years and it'll benefit us consumers in the end.


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