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Saturday, November 08, 2014

Taiwan is on my bucket list and I've been dreading to go there since I was in the corporate world, but I never had the time. For me, the place has some endearing similarities to the Philippines but just have some more oriental charm, plus the products are quite superb. I might even consider this as shopping Shangri-La!

The good thing is, the Taiwan government is launching the "Taiwan Excellence" campaign here in the Philippines. It's their way of promoting top quality brands from Taiwan. Of course we haven't had the chance to get to know these brands in depth and they're paving a new avenue to do that through this endeavor. Hopefully it will all keep us in the edge of our seats. By the way, this campaign is arranged by the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA), Bureau of Foreign Trade (BOFT), R.O.C. Taiwan and done by the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA). Their local government agencies know there's opportunity to grow in the Philippines and they're working hard to get their products approved through strict internal quality assurance procedures so they could stamp their seal of quality on it. 

If you're up to see the brands, they've got 56 all ready to enter the Philippine market to bring in a whopping 175 in the ICT industry, home & living, sports and leisure.

This is the first time that the campaign will be launched in the Philippines which will give Filipinos the opportunity to discover a range of Taiwanese products with the seal of quality.

The campaign will bring in 56 top quality brands to the Philippine market. These brands will be bringing in 175 products which fall under different industries such as information and communications technologies (ICT), home and living, and sports & leisure. This is being done to benefit us too because as they assure us of the great quality of their products there, consumers from the Philippines will benefit from it. Some of them, you might actually be enjoying already. Do you know Acer, Asus, BenQ, Draytek, HCG, KingCom, KW Trio, Kymco, MSI, Silicon Power, Sym, Transcend? There are a lot of them included and even lots more where that came from. If they bare excellence in research, development of the product, design, quality plus marketing efforts, then they can bare the seal. They just concluded several roadshows these past few months and showcased these brands to the Philippine public. All the more, they want to show you what they mean about Taiwan Excellence. Their mark of quality, isn't just given out plainly. They assure you only the best products come from Formosa, their former name which means "Beautiful Island". 

To know more about their campaign, please visit their official website www.taiwanexcellence.ph or their social media channels below.


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