TIMEX Launches Fall-Winter Collection

Monday, November 10, 2014

One of the most popular watch brands in the world TIMEX has just launched their Fall/Winter collection at the CAV Wine Bar and Restaurant in BGC Taguig. The premise is to see classic and modernly designed watches on ordinary consumers like you and me, but to see us "Wear It Well". Easy as you may have figured because TIMEX has made time pieces that have already surpassed decades, trusted even by the Olympics itself if there's any doubt. 

There were several celebrities from Star Magic and one of them was Enchong Dee. There were part of a bunch that enjoyed the newest designs and some of them modeled for the event. They wore these time pieces and showed how they can wear these classic ones and the modern Indiglo (which is my favorite) in all occasions. 

Do you remember those first few digital watches in the 80's? Well they're making a comeback with Timex's 80's. The decade that had us wear crazy hair wasn't bad in the watch department because it's construed to be a decade that started something timeless, something that would be a treat to remember. It's available in Gold, Black and Silver. The metallic shine just coincides with New Wave that started in that era. Isn't it nice?

Part of their new collection are these watches, they call it TIMEX Shock. It's toughness done in a watch but they made sure it's made to last. They also got this on Green camouflage but I like the Yellow one better. I think Enchong got this too, who wouldn't love to use this on the outdoors. Looks so good eh?

For the classy guys who want it manly, leather is a must. This one is part of TIMEX Waterbury. It's a place in the US where they made the first Timex timepieces and since they're in the mood to get the classics in, Waterbury presents an offering for the most discriminating man who just want it simple, nothing too fancy and works like what it's supposed to. Roll up your sleeves and show it off, it's not a problem with the Waterbury line.

 These two are also part of the Timex Waterbury line. The one on the right has a more stretchy strap but still looks classy even if you put them side by side with the leather strapped models. The watch designs are the same but the strap would fit any user who would want it more personal, Timex does give you choices.

One of the most liked things in my Instagram account is this one which had the Mickey Mouse Wrist watch on it. This is still part of the 80's pieces that Timex has come out with. Like what I said during that afternoon, you probably had a sad childhood if you've never had a Mickey Mouse watch and TIMEX is bringing this back for the ladies that want to be cute, or your kids too.

The crowd favorite is this one, the Timex Indiglo. With it's cool design and good looking straps, it would be the perfect gift for your man or the teens. The face of the watch lights up at a press of a button making it easy to see when it's dark outside. I wanted this aside from that yellow Timex Shock watch that I showed earlier but overall, any of these two would be absolutely fit for me. I want one for Christmas actually.

For those who would want to look good, feel good and be stylish, check out these new Timex time pieces available at all Timex Watch stores and distributors nationwide! It's perfect for me, I'm sure it'll work for you too.


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