Kim Chiu and Xian Lim for Past Tense

Friday, November 28, 2014

Two of the biggest stars and lovely couple or best "friends" from ABSCBN, Kim Chiu and Xian Lim stars in this movie that puts value in time and love to a different spin. KIMXI as they are known by their fans, has brought out their third movie. This is called Past Tense. A fat guy named Babs played by hunky Xian Lim only wanted one girl, he did all the things she wanted, made favors for her, even treated her like a princess. She was someone she loved from the very start. As with fat people, much like this blogger writing the article (hehe), when you're on the wide side physically... you could only be seen by people with your attributes, and don't even see the possibility of love and relationships. I've been in that road many times, I could definitely relate to Babs.

Belle, played by Best Actress winner Kim Chiu on the other hand had so many things going for her. She had the best friend who never left her side all these years, someone who made her happy when she's down. She also had someone following her around like a dog on a leash and always tried to find ways to see things are perfect for her. Did she really turn the other way and left Babs with a broken heart? Is she really that cruel to fall for a different guy who's got all the nicest physical attributes she always wanted? Is she throwing all those memories away?

Now what would she do if she meets her future self? When Belle of the future (played by Ms. Aiai Delas Alas) comes back and haunts Babs, tells him exactly what to do to get Belle of the current day to love him. Would Babs become the hunky man Belle would fall in love with?

There are so many questions but only a few minutes to watch their movie showing on theaters can answer it. Kim Chiu and Xian Lim never looked better together and with this third movie that they've done together, it's going to be one funny, romantic and learning experience that they want to give to their fans. This they assured us during that afternoon.

This romantic comedy film is directed by Mae Cruz Alviar. She says they want to show Xian and Kim different than the other movies who may have had the same fat suited characters. It's not going to be similar and she made sure to follow and suggest changes to the project as this is a collaboration. They're not that strict following the script and all their ideas pretty much was a breeze to insert in the movie. They didn't have any problems because just like Kim and Xian, they were very game. Kim says she even surprises Xian on some scenes because she wanted it to look natural, she wanted it funny so when they go and take a scene, she puts in different lines to put Xian off. They laughed about it after the shoot.

By the way, Kim also said in this blogcon that she was glad that Xian does not get mad at her anymore when she plays tricks on him. In hindsight, everybody matures... even Xian and I fervently hope their friendship blossoms into something even bigger. Xian wishes that as well.

Kim Chiu, Xian Lim, the cast and the crew of Past Tense would want you to watch their movie shown in theaters nationwide! They said sorry on shows yesterday because the typhoon set off the delivery of copies to theaters, hence a little delay. Though now they're sure that you can watch them on theaters, so rush to the nearest mall... go hurry! Thank you Star Cinema for making another worthy film, I'll watch this weekend so see you in theaters!

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