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Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Filipinos dream of Winter, an indication of desire. They do it quite often, mostly because of our own hot and humid, mere tropical weather. When a snowflake slowly falls, you look at it with amazement as it slowly trickles down from the sky and think - how can this thing be so beautiful, so perfectly cold and crystal. You just want to snuggle up with a cup of cocoa, sprinkle with a generous amount of marshmallows, add more chocolate to it and bite off a chocolate chip cookie or two. Or if it's hot outside and you just want to chill, wouldn't it be lovely to have your own spot, sit down and with your friends? Wait, that didn't sound right. I know, we don't have Winter here... but don't worry, I think I can help you with that. I just heard Winter Garden Desserts just opened last month in Katipunan Avenue, Quezon City.

Winter Garden Desserts is at the back of ERSAO and in front of the Ateneo Gate 2.5 Overpass. There's a alley on the side and a small signage in the front so won't miss it. (Image from Google Maps and not mine)
Winter Garden serves mighty good liquid nitrogen made desserts. The place lives and breathes cold sweetness, they want to transport you into your own little cove, to ultimately make you happy much like when you see a clear blue sky or just when you get to that point where snowing starts and the snowflakes glisten in the sun. They call this "kazahana" in Japan and the owners would like you to experience that. 

Proud owners/cousins Cecile Perez and Danny Vitan felt it was time to have something special in this area. They are also planning to have more warm food items too in the next few months. Their consumers should be excited about that. As of now, they've got two types of dessert available in this place both of which are still made with liquid nitrogen techniques, a new thing in culinary progression in the Philippines. I saw this in real life in kitchens of CCA and some hotels but never for a dessert establishment, hole in the wall you may think - but this is something new.

Liquid Nitrogen is a cryogenic fluid that can cause rapid freezing. In the store, we saw two huge tanks probably sealed in vacuum where they use and apply it on the cream base so that the mix can become dessert instantly. The process isn't as easy as you think, I personally saw how they made my ice cream because they have an open kitchen. They make it right when you ask for it and it's a spectacle, a show on it's own.

I ordered Sugars of the Sun. It's basically their take on Salted Caramel Ice Cream. I was sold by the piece of crispy pretzel showing on top and they say it's the most complicated one to prepare. Aside from this concoction, they have several best sellers like Morning Campfire (Vanilla Ice Cream with Toasted Marshmallows and corn flakes), Rockin Rocky Road (Gooey fudge and their version of your favorite Rocky Road), Omnomnom (their version of Cookies N' Cream), Make Grandma Proud (Peanut Butter flavored Ice Cream and chunks of Peanut and Peanut Brittle), Movie Critters (Caramel Popcorn and Butter with Vanilla Ice Cream), Nociolla (Nutella infused Ice Cream and balls of Hazelnut Chocolate chips), Nick's Favorite (flavors of Cinnamon, Ginger, Nutmeg and roasted almonds), Choco Choco Chocolate (tons of chocolate goodness) and Sunrise Surprise (Coffee with Dulce De Leche Biscotti) to complete the list. It's what they call the Nitrogen Desserts.

In a bowl, they mixed their home made ice cream mix (secret recipe), and a few heaping tablespoons of Caramel. 

They added a pinch of Mediterranean salt, pieces of pretzels, mixed it on the bowl for a few seconds. After that they went ahead and put it on the mixer.

They spun it a little more to distribute the caramel. Then on these industrial canisters, they got a thermal container and got the piece de resistance, the liquid nitrogen!

Then after putting the liquid nitrogen on the bowl, they continued to SPIN SPIN SPIN!

Then after a scoop, the smoke clears....

Et Voila! Here is Winter Garden's Sugars of the Sun! It's insanely delicious!

My friend ordered Sunrise Surprise, and it too was equally awesome!

I don't think this is in the menu yet, but this one's got Speculoos Cookie Butter on it. You'll find this and more special concoctions made right in front of you when you visit Winter Garden in Katipunan.

Then we headed on to the other set of desserts they call....

"Winter's Breath"

The Picnic Tray
This is Winter Garden's "The Picnic Tray". It's one of four desserts in the "Winter Breath's" line that is perfect for groups if you want to enjoy it with friends and family. 

You basically dip the pieces of wafer, mallows and chocolate into the liquid nitrogen directly. Around 10 seconds would be enough. After that, put it into your mouth and feel how good it is once it lands on your tongue. It'll start spreading air everywhere! You'll have that water vapor on your mouth and nose too!

Garden Party
If you have an even BIGGER group, this "Garden Party" would be an ample way to end your journey. Tons of what you had earlier, plus more caramel popcorn and everything else, it's like a huge forest of ice cream waiting to get bitten. Imagine how much you'll have fun by playing with your dessert that tastes so good too.

The place sits around 20-25 people, I didn't see anyone sitting outside the alley. I also find the music quite tasteful. No, they don't play those for "the faint of heart" tracks. I heard classy restaurant ones only. I wonder if they play Enya sometime soon?
Ask the friendly servers to hook you up to their wifi. It's working WIFI at least!

Before you leave, please leave an impression and put your experience on little post-its found on your table. That's quite a cute touch!

This place is cozy, I'd rather use that term to make you fall in love with it's innate charm. When you get to sit down with your friends in a shabby chic hole in the wall dessert establishment, you won't usually see desserts of this look, idea or taste. It's just ingenious to put up a spot like this in Katipunan when you think you've almost seen it all. The place is a specialty shop, but it does need more of the warm food selection so they don't just stay in the place for desserts alone (we heard they're launching Winter Garden YumYums soon to address this). Is it going to be worth the trip? Yes, I do think so. They're offering something unique and you'll be pleasing the kids and adults with the way you get your scoops of ice cream, it's wonderful! Come to Winter Garden Desserts and you'll find a small place to enjoy your dessert, have strong WIFI and play like kids do.

Winter Garden Flash Frozen Desserts is located at 299 Katipunan Ave. Loyola Heights Quezon City, Philippines. They are open from 12 to 10PM. Head on to this dessert restaurant and reserve tables, arrange a party and frolic in the snow right in the heart of the city. Call 09399228229 or Email


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Winter Garden Flash Frozen Desserts
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