A Blissful Stay at Discovery Shores Boracay

Thursday, October 08, 2015

My weekend started right as we journeyed to Boracay. It's undoubtedly one of the world's best, if not the best island destination. I've been here quite a lot of times but only suffice to stay in small hotels that don't really offer much than a place to sleep. It's practical I know but after a whole day of activities and roaming around the heaven sent beach, I always end up feeling disappointed because we get to only sleep in uncomfortable beds, paired with icky toilet/baths and sometimes not so nice next door guests which you wouldn't want to really delve into.

We had the right mind to actually stay at majestic Discovery Shores Boracay, a property owned and operated by the Discovery Group. It's a complex with rooms and amenities poised in four floored buildings, set in upper and lower tiered areas. Our room is in the third floor atop Discovery Shores Boracay's central waterfall. The whole thing has 4 floors of which each have their own balcony, it's just picturesque that we wanted to stay there most of the time. 

Here's a short tour of our room, our first lunch at SANDS Restaurant and dinner at Indigo Restaurant. It's all in the beach front of Discovery Shores Boracay. .

The Rooms

We asked to roam around the property and look at some of the other rooms. Bad idea because I wished I could have spent a little more on the bigger rooms and in-room facilities. Just look at the 1-Bedroom Premier Room!

1 Bedroom Premier Room

The 1-Bedroom Premier is a loft type room. As soon as we got in, I hurried onto the deck and looked at the sunset. All I needed after that is a bottle of champagne, two glasses, and a whole lechon LOL!
It also comes with two sun beds so if you want to get a little tan, you've got the perfect spot.
The comfy bed is all too inviting. This is found on the loft.

The shower, the sink is very roomy. You could actually fit a tub there but they'd rather have the open space on the design.

They also use frosted glass on most of the shower doors, no locks but it's a bit heavy and laid out right so you know if there's someone inside. It's like the ones in the gym showers we frequently go to.

You've got the usual flat screen TV with ample amount of channels. The closet has an ironing board and iron inside. They light up when you open the sliding door.

This is the staircase to the loft, they've got framed artwork to fill the walls.

Downstairs, you've got 2 day beds. You can lounge here or maybe invite friends over during daytime.

The room has another toilet and bath downstairs. Another closet too for those who do not pack light.

You can opt for this spot and watch the day go by. I must say it's not encouraged you smoke in Boracay but I think they allow you to do so in this spot.

The usual offerings, even more when they welcome you... because they treat you like family.

When you are in a Discovery hotel, they have their signature foot wash and massage when you arrive. I also love the small snacks and Pandan water they prepared for us to start an amazing day.

2 Bedroom Suite

The charm and classy interiors doesn't stop there. They've got these 2 bedroom suites for families or groups of 4. It's a good place to stay in if you want to be together in one room, more time for bonding and family activities. It's even great so you can supervise if you've got kids around.

This is just one of two toilet and bath inside the room. You can access the other one from the main room and the master's suite.

It's got a small dining table, so if you're taking home some of those Calamansi Muffins, you can start eating them here.
You have more day beds in the middle part of the room so if you're hosting parties, this would be a nice place for them to lounge in.

This is the second bath space, also comes with a tub.


 2 Bedroom Premier Room

 When you've got real love for space, you should definitely look at the 2 Bedroom Premier room. I think this is the biggest that they have right now in the hotel. The views are just breathtaking. They also have spacious rooms in both floors as this is again a loft type space.

You've got your own shower area and bath tub for this room.


The space, the ceiling, you can tell how huge this room is just by seeing that. I thought it was two separate rooms from outside but didn't think it was just a grand entrance.

This is the second room upstairs, pretty much like the space downstairs. It's cozy and I've heard they're planning to update some of the furniture this year, perhaps before holidays come.

This is the second shower and bath tub.

Our room is right across this one and when I saw this Jacuzzi, I wanted to see this room specifically. As you can see, the view is spectacular! You can watch the boats pass by. It's really that high.

Myke Soon of mixofeverything.net couldn't put his phone down, he still is at work mode even on a vacay. That's dedication LOL!

See what I mean?
Now add this lovely jacuzzi with it, plus a bottle of bubbly, and the perfect girl. See what I mean?

That's our room on the right side. You saw that earlier on the video.



You've got tons of choices where to stay in Boracay but really, how can you exchange the quiet refuge, the sun, the sea, two restaurants, one bar, a spa and living spaces like these for cheap ones that don't really meet your standards. It's a vacation dear, so it's definitely okay to splurge a little in where you'll stay when in Boracay. For me, it's worth it when in Discovery Shores Boracay because transfers are convenient, the place is nice, the rooms are awesome and I could have even stayed there more if it the beach weren't that inviting. 

Oh by the way, Discovery Shores Boracay has packages that would make your stay no fuss. You can call and inquire about The Sunset Cruise, Beach Bliss, Girlfriend Getaway and Lovestruck packages by calling their Manila Sales and Reservations Office +63 2 719 8888 email inquiry@discovery.com.ph or Discovery Shores Boracay at +63 36 288 4500 or email them at dsbrsvn@discovery.com.ph.

It's also easy to have Filipino food, the works in breakfast, lunch and dinner. They've also got very professional staff, very accommodating people at the restaurant and bar, plus a multitude of reasons why, but the best one is, you feel at home. That is priceless.

P.S. I'll tell you about the fun things I did on this short vacation plus the food we had in SANDS Restaurant, Indigo Restaurant and SAND Bar. That's going to be another long story, stay tuned!


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