Bea Binene for #LEGALLYB on GMA News TV

Friday, October 02, 2015

Bea Binene has been in the industry for quite some time now. Her past projects has proved that the young star's success is not just a fluke, but a testimony that she's got a strong following and people believe in her that much. She's turning 18 in a couple of weeks and she wants to make this journey memorable, and inclusive. She wants you to see her journey, her preparations for the big day. She's also going to do good with her time and become a responsible citizen by going through the rituals of government registrations, voting, getting her own drivers license, and all the nice things an 18 year old enjoys.   

She's also putting a gamble on this as she's producing the show. Her Mom, her friends, her family will all be helping how to put up this project and they're all optimistic about how a more personal, more lovely side of Bea would come to be an interesting subject to talk about at GMA News TV's morning block. Bea promises a more raw, diary like show that would inspire not just her fans but teens and everyone else to be good examples for the next generation. This show already started last Saturday and we watched it. It was pretty good and I like the part where even her Mom gets involved in it. Here's Bea Binene inviting you to watch the show!

Happy birthday Bea! I'm sure your fans are equally excited about your show and would sternly watch it this Saturday morning. Her GMA co-stars and friends will also be there. She also divulged that she's not going to have an escort on this occasion, find out why on the show.

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