Smart Comes Out with Enhanced Smart Surf Abroad 550!

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Ever had the problem of going out of the country and don't know how to subscribe to roaming? Well, Smart has made it even easier for you to enjoy the freedom to surf abroad in about 112 countries by giving you the ultimate deal of Php 550 per day via Smart Surf Abroad. It's the best deal yet and include frequently traveled countries like Hong Kong, Japan, Thailand, US, France, Germany, Brazil, India, Myanmar, Ukraine and others. That's not all, it's also hassle free because there's NO NEED TO REGISTER! No joke! As Smart's partner networks will automatically connect you right there and there. If you ask me, that's already a big plus in any way shape or form. You also have to remember though that it also starts at 12:01 AM to 11:59 PM so if you're going to that country, I'd suggest you turn on roaming the next day so you can max out and save a ton on your phone bill.

Speaking of phone bills, Smart gas gotten you covered on bill shock. They've got a new network lock feature does not allow roaming usage on non-partner roaming networks. Hey, that's going to make you travel a lot easier and won't connect and charge you on those networks that would charge you an arm and a leg if ever you go somewhere else. That's no UNWANTED charges and won't take a lot on your budget. I remember having problems in Singapore in the other network once and couldn't complain because they connected me even if I didn't want to. Good thing Smart's better, I'd be ready to go any place I want to without worrying about that. When I went to Jakarta a few months ago, I didn't have any problems at all and only got me charged Php 550 for a whole day of internet activities at Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp, Viber, Facebook Messenger, Google Maps (in case I need to check locations when I get lost) and Google Translate when I couldn't answer back in Bahasa as the place needs it.

Smart has everything you need now on surfing the internet when you're abroad. You just have to go there and enjoy it!


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