Smart and Jasmine Curtis Give Dreamy Gadgets to Subscribers!

Monday, October 26, 2015

The holidays are coming and I haven't even had coffee yet so when I went to Romulo Cafe in Quezon City I was only expecting brunch and the usual. I was just about to have a salad, a few servings of cola and cake but I wasn't expecting this to happen.

Suddenly, Jasmine Curtis came in and grabbed the microphone surprising everyone in the venue. She was gorgeous, simple but you can see how she wanted to tell us something about Smart's latest and grandest promo yet!

Smart the country's biggest network is now doing Share The Joy Gadget Giveaway Promo. I also saw the viral videos when Jasmine went to the University belt and just gave away a brand new phone to unsuspecting students, when they got the surprise of their lives, she went ahead and announced everybody else on that store and restaurant will have their own gadget too getting screams and jeering from unsuspecting people who was just there to eat a bowl of noodle or be with their friends!

This is Smart's new consumer empowering campaign and with Smart Prepaid, Smart Postpaid and Smart Bro you'll get the ultimate joy by getting premium gadgets for FREE! Smart's Executive VP for Consumer Business Ariel Fermin says "After rolling out the good apps and tons of mobile content and promos for their subscribers, they need to put in the means of doing so with these gadgets so you could live the Smart Life!". Jasmine Curtis will be the here to do the deed and says "I feel honored to be the face of this new promo and I can't wait to share these gadgets so people would have awesome moments with their loved ones, to inspire and empower people so they could live the Smart Life!

Now you too can join the promo. If you're a Smart Prepaid subscriber, just register to any Big Bytes or UCT offer so you can earn a letter. If you complete the word JOY, you instantly win FREE Big Bytes 10 and a chance to win a brand new Smart Phone! For Smart Bro subscribers, just register with any Big Bytes offer to earn a letter and if you complete JOY you could get a chance to win a brand new tablet of a Smart Bro Pocket Wifi! If you're on postpaid like me, recontracting or new subscribers would just need to play the SPELL JOY slot machine gamee so you can get new smartphones and Smart Bro Pocket Wifi too! Visit to know more about how how to #ShareTheJoy and live the Smart Life!


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