Fleece Concepts from UNIQLO

Saturday, October 17, 2015

It looks like UNIQLO is making you choose from an all new fleece concept this last quarter. It's still part of their Fall Winter collection and is comprised mostly of thicker coats, windproof jackets and warm clothing. These pieces will assure you of 1.5 •C greater warmth than the usual clothing for this season. I like the Men's line more because they put together more choices for the windproof fleece that's got special material in between so you feel comfortable even if you are wearing fleece jackets, sherpa jackets in camou or khaki, and faux mouton for those who need extra layering. 

The women on theither habd have teddy fleece coats, fluffy ones, the pile lined and windproof fleece coats too. Your day would be better with it and still be fashionable when you're in the office or out on a date. All of which is fashionable, casual or sporty if you feel like it. 

The new fleece they've got inside the store are made from really special fibers so you can get those few degrees of inner warmth. I love the prints actually, especially the dark ones on the shelves. They also have some for the kids plus more of Uniqlo's Magic for All line where they collaborated with Disney. Wear your fleece in different ways as Uniqlo has been doing it since 1994, because you know this is LifeWear. They're sticking to it!

If you missed the display in SM Aura, here it is on HD video! Run to Uniqlo stores today!


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