Manuel L. Quezon University Launches SPACE in Quezon City

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Manuel L. Quezon University has been making a name for itself since 1947. It's excellency in courses specifically Law has been unquestionable putting itself on the bar's top 10 quite often among other things. It also now offers courses in Education, Arts, Sciences, Accountancy, Business, Engineering, Architecture and I.T.. Noted graduates have also been able to show excellence and secured posts in government, social services, public and private corporations, even the highest offices interpreting the laws of the land.

Now under new management, they're making waves under Chairman of the Board of Regents Dr. Jose Rizalino Acuzar. With New San Jose Builders Inc. at their back, the long withstanding expansion planned years ago is finally taking shape. During ceremonies at the Victoria Towers in GMA Kamuning, they introduced SPACE which is MLQU's School for Professional Advancement and Continuing Education. It's at the second level of the building's ground complex and can accommodate 800-1000 students this semester. If the need arises, they can get it up to 3,000 easily in the next few months. Aside from that, they boast the same kind of facilities and quality of education at a very competitive or even cheaper price. They want to make this more affordable for a greater number of individuals, and starting with this new place in Quezon City they feel they can make that happen. It's about time MLQU stays in Quezon City, Manual L. Quezon's dream personified.

CHED Executive Director Julito Vitriolo, Gen. Jaime Delos Santos, Executive Secretary Paquito Ochoa Jr., MLQU's Dr. Isagani Germar, Atty. Gwen Grecia-De Vera and Dr. Vinci Nicholas Villasenor in a toast for MLQU's SPACE

SPACE is now more than a gap in vacuums, it's an institution inside this metropolis that's got tons of opportunities to grow. With competence, better management, strategic operations and business expertise, there's no where to go but up! This is the growth area, something that can satisfy basic foundations for progress and its solid economic environment, this is going to be the best place for continued education that is accessible to many residential and commercial communities not just in Quezon City but nearby places. You'll have the honor too of being with distinguished alumni if you get to complete the course. You'll get places, finish higher education, some short courses, and feel anything is possible if you just put your mind into it. The upcoming ASEAN integration means you have to equip yourself with the right skills, more knowledge and they just took the whole school to you instead of you going all the way to Manila. This is the school of governance, the place for project management, so you can meet the needs of your responsibilities if you win a post in the elections. SPACE represents the impressive managerial expertise, technical competence and corporate social responsibility so you can identify yourself with great leaders like Manuel L. Quezon, which is its namesake. 

According to MLQU's President, Dr. Isagani Germar "SPACE is here to make a mix in the area that offers courses and education in Business, Governance and Law. This place would give students a nearer location instead of far schools, with comparable tuition fee or even lower than others. The strength of the school is Law, Business and Public Governance and we'll have that offered here at SPACE! Imagine, we just took over a year ago and we believe the move is just in time for us to get the other students to join us into this school. We have the faculty, the facilities and now the curriculum. We have the best faculty now but we're looking to further upgrade that, it enhances leadership management and social responsibility."

The track record of the new owners in construction and technical competence and management will continue victories in education. They hope to build on that and deliver more for professionals, working students so they can continue the legacy of MLQU!


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