A Festive Halloween with Philips

Friday, October 30, 2015

It's near and you'll have to make arrangements for that special Halloween celebration with your kids and family. Wondering how to do it without buying the usual stuff in the malls? That's easy if you've got Philips helping you to do it.

If you're a Mom and have Philips’ Airstyler at home, that's one thing you can use for your lovely kids. You can turn them from boring hair to almost evil and wicked witch of the west! Jazz it up with a little face paint and a little effect, you can really scare those neighbors who want to hold on to those precious candies your kids deserve. If you want a more glamorous version, you can opt for the SimplySalon Curler and whip up awesome hair and attract people with a sexy version instead. That's not just for kids, for adults too!

For those who want to throw the greatest but healthiest party, you can do it with the Philips Food Processor. Just go get some fruits like mangoes, kiwi, melon, watermelon, then peel them with a paring knife or just take out the pith. Freeze them for a couple of hours or so then chop them up so it could fit in the opening on the food processors top.Slowly add them in and blitz it for a couple of seconds, spike it with vodka and add a little sugar water, and you have the greatest fruit based punch ever made! I eyeball it most of the time and it's a hit with my friends and relatives. You can do without the vodka though if you would like it to be more healthy, but really, it's a Halloween party and who doesn't like booze right?

For some light snacks, you can buy of your supermarket's frozen section those kilograms worth of French Fries, brush them a little bit of canola oil. The healthier version would be just leaving them as is and putting them into the Philips Airfryer for 10 minutes. Flip it around and do another 10 minutes so you could do the other side. Just remember not to crowd the whole basket in it too much because you won't get that crispy texture on these fries even. Better fries have less oil, not too greasy and yes, cooked perfectly! I opt to put in less salt too so it won't hurt your kidneys. 

Don't you think it looks legit already? You don't have to spend a few hundred dollars just to get that perfect look during Holloween, you just need to get a little smarter with  Philips. You may visit www.philips.com.ph or like the Philips Home Living Facebook fan page if you are inching to get your family and friends do the celebrations in a more healthy way this month. I'm sure I do!


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