The New Shakey's Mojito and Frozen Margarita

Tuesday, October 06, 2015

I'm sure you've got your favorites each time you go to a Shakey's branch near you. I personally love their Fried Chicken, Pizza and tons of freshly cooked Mojos dipped in ranch sauce. I also love the usual drinks on the menu but they're continually jazzing it up with new ones like these two.

This first one is shot from outside the glass and is their classic mojito. White Rum, Soda Water, lime, cucumber and mint leaves bruised on the shaker, spun a couple of times with ice cubes and voila! Although, I would love it even better if you just ask your friendly bartender over at Shakey's and get that lovely concoction in just a few minutes. Have it with pizza, fried chicken, pasta or mojo's... no one is going to stop you. It's that easy.

I thought I was already done with one drink at Bonifacio Stopover but they just handed me this lovely mug filled with frozen Margarita. It's sweet and tangy, with a short hit of Tequila so you still get that wonderful kick after a glass or two. If you're amongst friends or close family, a few of these and your unending stories would probably be a good combination. You don't need to go to fancy shmancy restaurants to get what you deserve after a hard day's work, if you ought to relax, take it easy and have good food at Shakey's!

Shoutout to the ladies and gents on my table that evening, Earth, Ruth, Rodel, Chessika too!

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and order a few, let's all say cheers!


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