The Halal Guys Now Open in SM Megamall

Monday, October 19, 2015

One of the few food destinations in New York that I wanted to go to is here in Manila. The Halal Guys just opened shop at the 5th Floor of SM Mega Fashion Hall and is bringing their signature American Halal food to the Filipino public. It's been talked about, featured in different food shows, loved by thousands upon thousands of their patrons everyday. I actually visited their store yesterday and it's still super busy, the lines were still up to almost the ice skating rink and I'm not surprised.

Their meals are only made by the freshest ingredients. They've got people working all throughout the day preparing, chopping onions, peppers, cabbage, cooking rice, pita bread and putting it all together in a line. They also have men and women on the hot plates cooking the beef, chicken and other ingredients making sure you get only the freshly cooked Falafel, Chicken and Gyro just like in New York.

Don't be too shocked about the prices here because from what I got as "REGULAR" sized Combo rice meal was actually American sized! The serving was definitely too big for one person and I bet it would be okay for two people, but if you're too hungry this would definitely be filling.

The happy people at the counter would ask you about what to order. The rice meals are gigantic, be careful also if you're using the hot sauce as it is really spicy. I love spicy stuff and it was really hot for me, so just imagine if regular people would do it. 

Mr. Sy of SM was also there to witness it's opening.
Then when we got to the line, a very lengthy one at that... we ordered the combo so we could have everything in one plate!

If you see my plate, it's got a ton of that White Sauce they are known for. Make sure you've got lots of that. I also put in a ton of hot sauce because I know I can take it, not for the faint of heart though! The thing they probably should be proud of is its freshness, but be careful of the chicken and how it's cooked because I saw some of it which I felt was a little raw. (No pink on my chicken please!). But for the actual size of serving, it was super worth it! I'll go back for more! 

This is going to be rated 7/10, and if you're fond of Mediterranean and middle eastern cuisine... this would definitely be in your alley. Men, please troop to SM Megamall's Food Hall at the 5th Floor of SM Mega Fashion hall. Line up and bear it, it's worth it!

P.S. The Regular is already good for two but if you're a little hungry, get the NEW YORK size!

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