Fall in Love with TABASCO

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Who loves Tabasco? I know I do!

I'm not a connoisseur nor a pretender but if you talk about spicy stuff, I know a LOT from experience. In spice tolerance, I could take it up until normal people won't be able to actually have. My personal favorite is the Red Tabasco Pepper sauce and I've had adventures with it in the office, at home or sometimes the restaurants I review too. Don't look at me like I'm weird but I do carry a bottle of it when I can, and I also know a handful people who do.

This evening, I had dinner with a couple of special people in TABASCO's hot heart. It was intimate, very experiential and I learned a lo how they grow the peppers they use for the brew. They also age this for about 3 years and they had us compare how it actually tastes like over time. Well not everyone was keen on doing so because it is HOT and when we did attempt to taste it, they gave us these lovely spoon necklaces as mementos after taking the challenge. I'm wearing this proud!

Tabasco is irreplaceable. You can try hot sauce, or sriracha, but it really is so different from this. Thank you TABASCO for having us yesterday! Falling in love with you again was just so right.

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