It's Vic Sotto for Chooks To Go!

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

We got surprised today by someone who gives the best to his family, the new brand ambassador for Chooks to Go Mr. Vic Sotto. He's been loved all these years by Moms around the world and this time they're thinking of making you the reason for their Moms on the Go campaign.

Aside from bossing Vic, Super mom Delamar Arias was also there and said "It's super convenient. The best bonding between Cooper and my husband is talking while in the dinner table or in bed. We're disconnected and even without visuals, it's something so special and I've recorded it so he knows what he said when he was a kid. He even said that he could live with us when he gets married and when asked where she's going to live, he says she could sleep beside the dog, kids really the darnest things!" 

They also told us about BAVI Agriventures. They are turning 20 this year and just so you know, they've got tons of poultry and livestock operations around the country and are the owners of Bounty Fresh, Chooks to Go, Reyal, to name a few. Their goal is to be the number one Commodity Chicken in the the Southeast Asian Region. It stemmed from their fears of opening the market a couple of years ago into a very quality driven company producing chicken. With superior recipes and the passionate people they have, they turned around and have become successful.

Vic Sotto was adorable. He swooned women with no effort. They chose him for his charm and they said his unbelievable attraction to women and Moms especially. You'll be seeing him hereon in upcoming commercials in different media. And of course, the best chicken even without sauce too! 

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