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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

I'm in Makati today to listen to some speakers talk about the big C, that's Cancer. Dr. Marcelo Imasa, an expert Oncologist from St. Lukes Medical Center started telling us about the global incidence and compared statistics in the Philippines. It's alarming, as it's about a 500% increase over the years and confirms that it is a genetic disease. There are tons of ways that cancer can develop, but it is sporadic and not really genetically pre-dispositioned. Majority of patients that are being handled by Dr. Imasa actually have 80% of them that have lung cancer, definitely something to think about.

We also listened to a short presentation about healthy eating courtesy of Yummy Diet (@YummyDiet on Instagram) who had us try their meals by the way!

Dr. Marcelo Imasa

They also said that there are benefits in genetic testing. It's actually good to do early screening, so you can have the risk reduced, also surgery or chemo prevention. Doctors can guide you for treatments these days. You can also identify risks for family members and not just one patient. It calls for counseling and will bear peace of mind and know earlier if you have the risk. Do you remember what Angelina Jolie had done? It was a process and if she could live longer by taking out these risks, she would. Dr. Imasa also told us how the others would feel in the family, or the community. Overall, it's the lack of awareness would be dangerous as there are various unknown sources still that would be considered. 

Apotheca Integrative Pharmacy is a specialty community pharmacy that's got medication and a curated variety of natural products located at Legaspi Village in Makati. They've got products that would help physicians in Thyroid Medication Management, Bio Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy, Weight Loss Management and Pain Management. So drop by if you need healthy stuff, I've seen tons of it inside their store.

They have capsules, compound diets, and work closely with doctors and patients. They are also working with AsiaGenomics so people would know more about Genetics testing even more. Because these days, it's not enough to only cure things when it's already on stage 4. Doctors still believe that prevention is better than cure. If that would need you to know your susceptibility to certain types of cancer, you have the option to prevent it early on.

If you need more information about health products and genetic testing, drop by Apotheca Integrative Pharmacy and AsiaGenomics through the channels below.


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