The Cast of GMA's "Hahamakin Ang Lahat" Facebook Live Sessions

Monday, October 31, 2016

GMA is starting a new afternoon header called "Hahamakin ang Lahat" (means renouncing everything just to please you) starring Kristoffer Martin (who's hunkier now), Joyce Ching (yes they're exe's in good terms), Thea Tolentino (premier villain), Renz Valerio (who promises to do mature things in this soap), and newcomer Bruno Gabriel (a very tall guy with good looks) and a couple more people to complete the cast. 

Now I wasn't prepared to actually see what was going to happen to the Facebook Live Q&A because honestly this is my first time to see them in this setup. I was expecting it to be a little more on the interactive side and I think they even gave more than that. The greeting alone was shocking because they said "Hi and Hello" like it's the 4th of July. 

This is my first time to see Bruno Gabriel and if my hunch is right, he probably is a ramp model. His built, very muscular body, would probably pass off as very athletic. He plays football, tennis, and just learned that he's the son of former actress Lani Lobangco. Albeit a bit quiet during the event, he comes off very eloquent when he talks, he got teased about that because it looked like he prepared a lot about what he was going to say in that live stream. I think the show had a different working title previously but he says he's excited to be part of this show. He's not nervous anymore because he got a lot of help from his co-actors. I think they're probably trying to pair him with Thea Tolentino in the show, but we have yet to find out how that would turn out.

She's lovely, a bit thinner than the last time I saw her and she's raring to challenge the KrisJoy pairing on this show. She's one of GMA's believable anti heroes, and she's done a remarkable job in her past shows. Now that she's in "Hahamakin Ang Lahat!" she plans to attack the character differently as she's not directly going to be evil. I got the sense that you might be rooting for her as well as she tries to be in the way of KrisJoy in this soap. We will find out on their premier this afternoon. I still owe her a Strawberry Shortcake because when I went to Trinoma that morning Papermoon didn't have one yet on the shelves and said to go back at 4pm, long story! But I'm so glad she's still here, remember the long running Half Sisters? Ah, you should expect more!

Joyce is very versatile. She could play possum one day and a monster the next. She's very bubbly, and Kristoffer and her rapport is just contagious! They're like an automatic tag team when playing around, they even finish each other's sentences. It would be easy to find them sweet on this show because I think they are in real life. If I didn't know Kristoffer's gf I would've believed they're still together. I'm sure you'll get along with how she'll portray her role this time as the romance evolved between her character and Kris'.

Kristoffer bulked up a bit, probably stemmed from working out a lot these past few months. He's a dynamite ready to explode when you put him in a group. He was drawing punchlines left and right, hugot's even. But this show will probably showcase his knack for drama, he's always been good in that department and this show would probably prove to be another challenge to see if KrisJoy still have what it takes to be a love team. I'm a fan of these two!

Taller, feistier, Renz Valerio was also trying to fool around with the cast that afternoon. He's not that shy anymore and he exudes good manners even if he's trying to be naughty. He's a really good example for teens now trying to phase in the more mature roles like in this soap. They were joking about him drinking and stuff, you should have been there live. His adoring fans can't wait to see him, they were the most vocal that afternoon and he's pretty thankful for that.  Watch his character become involved with the lovers, the other people in the show because he's someone to watch out for.

I hope you are all enjoying the show right now. Here's a rerun of thay Facebook Q&A shot from my camera. Enjoy!


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