Alexa Ilacad for BUM Black Army Collection 2016

Friday, October 21, 2016

I'm excited to show you my short interview with Alexa Ilacad during the BUM Black Army Collection 2016 photo shoot. It kinda was a nice thing to go back and reminisce about how she wanted to actually have an album (so I think I kinda got that news first!) but since I wasn't able to release this before that album got released, To The Moon and Back was just fate! 

Alexa is really an Energizer bunny in real life and she's definitely fun to be around with. You realize she's funny, she's got great ideas and she's doing a LOT of work to get where she is. She's also got a sweet message for all the Alexanators and NLEX fans who have supported them all these years! She also wants you to support them by purchasing the things they've worn for the BUM Black Army Collection 2016!

Guess who's next? :)

For more information about their collection:
Official GMA Artist Center
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