Grace Lee's New Dining Spot: Kko Kko Home of Seoul Chicken

Tuesday, October 04, 2016

It's been a while since I've seen Grace Lee, last time of which I think was during a men's magazine launch. A lot has happened in the past few years and now she's one of the most sought after host and news presenters in the country. Star power aside, she's got her hand on kitchen tables a few years ago and put up a business with her Mom and a couple of business associates. That restaurant has flourished and is very successful especially with the young Korean crowd that's already in the community. The demand for authentic, current food from Korea has increased over the years and they're giving Filipinos what they want. This time, they're donning a new name and keeping the same good dishes that they've served over the years. They're also taking it up a notch by putting the great food in an equally better ambiance at the Sapphire Bloc in the Ortigas business district and calling it Kko Kko. As the name suggests, it's going to be about the good chicken that they're serving... which I absolutely loved that evening. 

The place can hold about 40-50 people. That includes outside seating for those who prefer to do that on lunch and dinner. The interiors are mostly farmed wood, concrete, some bunk chairs, mirrors, some greens and flowers on the wall. I like that it's like a modern Asian kitchen, a little cute from outside.

Kimbap - This is a staple in most Korean meals. The white one was done with soy and green mangoes/jicama if I'm not mistaken. The red one is a little spiced up with kimchi, which I actually liked. I'd order the latter if I'd go back to this place.

Snow Chicken - You can have this ordered half or whole. I'd suggest you order the whole one if you're a bunch of guys because I'm sure it'll be out quite quickly. Don't be fooled by it's appearance because those things on top of the chicken ain't snow but tons of cheese, cheese, and cheese. It's out of this world and I thought this won't work but it actually did. This was a hit also on their other restaurant so they kept it on the menu and tons of people are absolutely praising it. You can also have this with Fire Chili, we didn't have it that evening but I'm planning to get some the next time I'd visit. They say it's the hottest stuff on the planet! I'd give this a 4/5 and definitely recommend it.

Chicken Cheese Fondue - This is the craziest thing on the menu and a LOT of people absolutely LOVE this. It's sweet soy glazed chicken fingers, tons of fries, and a batch of beer battered onion rings with a bread bowl full of Cheese in the center. Contrary to the usual fondue, this is a savory treat that shouldn't be missed because its crazy good. You would be sorry if you don't order this especially for cheese lovers because that thing in the center is made of dreams. If I was the only person in the table I would gladly drink that concoction and be happy for one day. It's freakishly awesome, but don't take my word for it... you should try it out yourself.
Here's a short interview we did with Grace Lee during the event.

Thank you so much to Kko Kko and Grace Lee for having us in their lovely restaurant! It's located at the ground floor of Sapphire Bloc along Garnet Road in Ortigas. Can't wait to see more branches of these soon!


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Kko Kko Home of Seoul Chicken
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