Nash Aguas for BUM Black Army Collection 2016

Sunday, October 23, 2016

I know you've been all waiting for this. Who doesn't want to see oh so cute Nashie boy right? Well we also interviewed him while on this shoot. He's also going to tell us about his favorite pieces, what he wants to wear, and why he wants those that are simple and stylish. He also got to enjoy the hoodies with animal designs on them, perfect for the Halloween season if you haven't got a costume yet. Plus it's cute like your love, Nash!

Here's Nash Aguas' interview, enjoy!

BUM is also carrying Athletic Goth or Health Goth styles, so if you're thinking of something new, just drop by the store and get one of these pieces below!

I personally like what he chose for the long shirts, the jackets and also the pants he wore. He also likes simple shirts and colors so you won't really have to mix and match anymore because it already looks good with anything. Those pieces are worthy to invest in, you can use it for years!

As an endorser, Nash is just perfect. He wears the products and if that isn't enough reason for you guys to buy these shirts, pants, jackets, then I don't know what's wrong with you LOL! Hope you love the photos!


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