Solar Entertainment Amps Content for Southeast Asia

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

It looks like Solar Entertainment Corporation is making their presence felt in the Southeast Asian Region by providing content to 7 huge cable channels such as ETC, 2nd Avenue, Jack TV, CT, Solar Sports, Basketball TV and NBA Premium. This October 16, they're all going to give an even fresher look as these individual stations rebrand simultaneously so viewers would ve treated to more exciting things for years to come.

Solar Entertainment's President and CEO Wilson Tieng says "We want to boost viewership and market share by getting a fresh take on our existing channels and get you topnotch content because the market is evolving. We really pay attention to your viewing habits so we're setting the trend on our stations."

ETC, 2nd Avenue, Jack TV, CT, Solar Sports, Basketball TV and NBA Premium will be giving you access to the best international shows, sports events, films and very soon, online content. The end of this year and 2017 is also going to be exciting as they go for MORE in channel content and amp up their digital assets. 

The changes will take effect on ETC, 2nd Avenue, Solar Sports, Basketball TV on October 16 at 8PM. Tune in on ETC at UHF Channel 21, 2nd Avenue on UHF Channel 29, Solar Sports on Sky Cable Channel 70, and Basketball TV on Sky Cable Channel 33. Make sure you tune in on these channels as it's available through your local cable operators too.

Cheers to the new look and a lot of exciting things ahead!

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