Mossimo Reveals A Different Kind of Sexy Cool with Mossimo X

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Missed this show but definitely felt that it's something worthy to write about as Mossimo held their reveal for MossimoX, a new line from the brand. The collection was made to make it easy for anyone to do their individual styles with quality made pieces letting anyone who wears their clothes versatile, a beacon of self expression to make them whoever they want to be. I've been wearing Mossimo since gawd knows when and I distinctly remember how colorful, simple and no nonsense they are from the very beginning but what I do know is they don't sacrifice design, or the overall look of the product. I know because I do wear a lot of their shirts even back then. This new collection however will shy away from the West Coast vibe they've been doing for the past few years and will inject a more East Coast/New York style instead, but still holding a dynamic, easy to wear feel that is very current.

Mossimo believes the collection is designed for risk takers. New York is pretty much a melting pot of cultures, and is continually pushing the envelope when it comes to clothing. Remember Sarah Jessica Parker's Sex in the City series? Every time she wears a Tutu on a regular day we feel a little weird, but it looks so pretty on her and only people in that part of the country can only pull it off. It doesn't have to be that silly but the "pushing of the envelope" concept in street wear that Mossimo is doing is similar. Get it?

Unconventional? Yes, that's exactly what they want to do. Just look at this red plaid shirt, no, it's a dress. It's also got that Mossimo signature logo on it. Pretty cool if you ask me.
Details? They've got that on men's shirts. Plus, they didn't just cut and accessorized them plainly. The long shirts, the uneven ends, it all looks good on us.

They've got something for the girlfriends too.

The textured design, the surprise cuts on the bottom, they're doing couture on street wear LOL!

I don't know if that is what I think it is, it's like faux leather that looked like a white denim jacket. It looks so good on her. I also like the gradient sweater, oh and I almost forgot it's almost Christmas. That means it's going to be sweater weather!

It probably will also look good on colored or ripped pants.

Ladies, there's also another one that you'll like. This one shows skin in all the right places, and it looks very comfy. Now imagine how you could cuddle up with your woman in these clothes. I know.

What's current? Oversized shirts. Now how about oversized sweaters? That's even better.

They also have the basics covered. Obviously aside from sweater season, this is also LAYER season. Get the jacket, hoodie or shirt and put them on for fun. You don't have to stop yourself from choosing what's good on you. That's what Mossimo X wants you to have.

Now all you've got to take care of is how to carry it with swag, with attitude. You've got the right clothes for fashion risk takers like you, and the last thing you need is a trip to a Mossimo store to get those Mossimo X clothes you're looking at right now.

To get the Mossimo X collection, just go to Mossimo Glorietta, SM Mall of Asia, SM Megamall and SM North Edsa very soon. You can also get information on these through Zalora of MossimoPH's official Facebook and Instagram accounts. I want some of the pieces here and since I've been using Mossimo even before, these new Mossimo X fits right my alley. I experiment, I want it different, and I'm glad they've got it!


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