HITS HD Now Available on Cignal

Friday, October 21, 2016

It looks like good news for Cignal fans all over the Philippines. Together with Rewind Networks, they just launched HITS HD on HD Channel 120 which you can access if you are subscribed to Cignal Postpaid Plan Php 290 and up, or Cignal Prepaid Load 300 and up. It has gone live last Monday October 10 and a lot of people are loving it!

Why you say? Well the channel shows your favorite shows like your tool hero MacGyver and even the cute funny series "The Nanny" all over again! Aside from that, they've also got Seinfeld, TAXI, The Wonder Years, The X-Files, Grey’s Anatomy, Cheers, The Golden Girls, plus the super funny That 70's Show in one place. These shows have launched the careers of who's who in Hollywood today and if you're not on board, I guess it's time you try Cignal. It's obviously even cheaper than cable subscription today!

HITS HD again will be at Channel 120 on Cignal and if you're planning to get connected with them, just go and see the channels below. Don't you even wonder why 1.48 Million households have them? There's actually more channels available and even plan to add more to their lineup. Now that's good news!


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