Philippine Airlines Launches New Inflight Entertainment System

Saturday, October 01, 2016

In grand ceremonies over at Greenbelt's Fashion Walk, we welcomed Philippine Airlines new Inflight Entertainment System as they converge their services like the myPAL eSuite, myPAL Player (for inflight streaming), WiFi (for inflight surfing), and myPAL mobile (inflight roaming, they connect to Smart too!). 

Jaime Bautista PAL's CEO says "This is the apt time to make you more in love with PAL and our services."

Ria Domingo PAL's VP for Marketing adds "Now we've taken our inflight entertainment service to a new level and providing new products and we've been doing this for the past months, a step forward for what we offer for all our mabuhay milers, and customers. Now when you fly, you can connect to your mobile service provider (turn on roaming) and your mobile rates apply on myPAL mobile (better with Smart!). You can now stay connected in the skies and call your family or the office when you need to even when you are on air. The landscape has changed and myPAL WiFi can get you myPAL connection inside the plane. Choose airplane mode, connect to the myPAL connection and you get to surf while you're there. You can also download the myPAL Player App and get on air content of movies, TV shows and entertainment. It's an all in one travel app before you fly. It's available on most of our airbus planes and we can't wait for you to try it out. The myPAL eSuite on the other hand can get you 300 hours of movies, TV shows and music while you fly. "

They also had BAMBOO live on stage to take us to the experience area, a huge plane in the fountain area!

 Philippine Airlines is our nation's flag carrier and they continue to expand to more territories than any other airline based in the Philippines because their thrust is to be a 5 star airline in the next couple of years. It will happen very soon and this all starts with the services they provide their current Mabuhay Miles loyalists and their customers who have always been there flying with the first airline in Asia.

I can't wait to locally travel soon!

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