Do You Remember Prince Stefan?

Saturday, November 19, 2016

If you haven't seen Working Beks yet, you should. It's funny, but has a bigger message underneath that it's trying to get across. This is my first time to actually get to sit down and interview one of its cast members and I know he's the talk of the town. Do you remember Prince Stefan of Starstruck? Well he's the same actor, good looking, a little more buff now and consequently he was  outed by comedienne Keanna Reeves of PBB fame. Remember her?

Anyway, here's Prince Stefan now. He's happy with his career, very confident, outspoken, adonis like and he's not single. I've got thousands of views on Youtube alone on this interview, which probably means there are a LOT of people that are quite interested about this guy. I don't blame them, not at all.

Working Beks is a story about the careers of different types of gay guys. It's humorous, but still passes on a message of how they are still driven by the love for their family, their relationships and the pressures of society. Watch the movie as it is still showing on November 27. This is produced by VIVA films!

Here's the cast inviting you to watch the movie!

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