Sincerely Gabbi

Thursday, November 17, 2016

I love her.
Not because she's a star.
But because she's a person who knows what she wants, without offending anybody.

I love her.
Because she's always looking on the brightside, she doesn't even give her folks problems no matter how pressured she is.

I love her.
Because she's one of the most down to earth, generous person I know... and she remembers to thank people who helped her get there. She goes out of her way to make sure you're taken cared of no matter how busy she is.

I love her.
Because she answers questions even if she's a little uncomfortable. She calls a spade a spade but puts words in her perspective. She'd rather have you ask the person involved without offending you. I feel so comfortable around her.

I love her. 
Because she feels like a younger friend, taking each day as a challenge and feels thankful for each blessing she receives. I love her more because she knows how to thank her fans, give them what they want at times and take care of her relationship with Ruru.

I love her.
Because even if they're not in a romantic relationship, the feelings are special and she treasures it the most.

She's celebrating her 18th birthday on the 6th of December, same date as mine. She's SINCERELY thankful and this is her way of coming out to society, still gorgeous yet humble, still beautiful yet so simple. This is Gabbi Garcia.

Gabbi Garcia would like to thank GMA Network, GMA Artist Center, Marriott Hotel, Le Reve Events Venue, Blufish Photography, Jason Magbanua (my personal favorite videographer!), Teddy Manuel, Mark Bumgarner, Martin Bautista, Martin Bautista, Kat Cruz, Jason Delos Reyes, Mark Anthony Rosales, Patty Tiu of Deuce Manila, Bespoke Manila, Rabbithole Creatives, Lice Acustico, Printcity, La Luz Beach Resort, Gluta-C, Solane (thanks for the plastic knife I'm using!), Center for Advanced Dentistry, Nailandia, Honeyglaze Cakes, The Makeup Studio team by Madge and Lehano for making Sincerely Gabbi possible! 

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