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Friday, November 25, 2016

M Barbers is located at the 3rd Floor of B Hotel at Scout Rallos in Quezon City. I've been here once during the launch but I wasn't able to try any of their services. So when the opportunity came to go back to the barbershop presented itself, I went and hurried to get my hair cut and colored since it's been a while that I've done that. Now this isn't your run of the mill community barbershop because it's a little upscale, but priced quite fairly. Skill wise, you won't be asking too much because once you get to sit on the chair, just let them know what you want to do and they'll take care of you. Otherwise, you can ask them for recommendations on what style actually fits you. M Barbers is part of the Jing Monis hair empire and they've been doing this for ages, for show business people, models, so an ordinary joe like me would just love that no?!

Aside from the usual hair cut and color, they've got grooming services but I didn't go through that anymore as I know it would actually take time to fix my hair. I've been getting my hair literally tied up lately because I couldn't actually manage it. Senior Stylist Edwin Espanto suggested I get the back side of my hair shaped into a V so I won't be seeing too much fuss when I'm brushing my hair and styling it a particular way. I was also shampooed and pampered by Alex Padolina then sent over for Color by Ritchie Pactor. They know what they're doing, I could actually tell because as I was suited up, not one drop of water actually landed on my shirt, nor did one speck of hair was left on my head and neck area. That tells a lot if you're doing the job right, and M Barbers delivered on that.

So after bleaching, waiting a bit, choosing a light color, waiting, blow dry and a bit of styling, they got my hair look good. Now I know, this looks high maintenance but as it turns out, I could actually just wash and wear this one today. It still looks like a million bucks, and I thought the color was good too. I'm wearing it proudly for an event later!

It takes a whole village to make this hair look good, trust me I know. Now that I've got M Barbers near my house (this is located near the Tomas Morato and Timog district) I'll have someone save me from the stress of getting my hair fixed the way I like it. Thanks M Barbers and Jing Monis!

Here's my adventure on video, hope you enjoy!

Again, M Barbers is located at the B Hotel in Scout Rallos in Quezon City. It's very near Saint Paul the Apostle Parish or the intersection of Mother Ignacia and Timog Avenue. You may call them for appointments via +639173148533 or inquire via their channels below. Thank you so much to Ms. Rain and Myke Soon for hooking us up, and THE Jing Monis for having us! I love my hair!


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