A Cleaner, Brighter Tutuban Center

Tuesday, November 01, 2016

I know how exhausting it must be for people to go to Manila these days and I have been there a few times just to take photos of the Divisoria district, an adventure on its own. I'm sure a LOT of people shy away from this place because it's a mess, and vendors frequent ALL the streets at any time of the day. Well, here's the good news. They've pretty much cleaned up their act and got the vendors where they should be in the first place. Aside from that, the mall has been spruced up and there's A LOT of things you can buy at TUTUBAN Center now. This shot above was just shot two weeks ago at the front of the mall, notice anything different? Well there's no more vendors, there's an actual road in front of the mall and there's a LOT of people now shopping conveniently after A LOT of changes had been done to make it people friendly.

I bet you haven't seen it like this right? Exactly. When I was here a couple of months ago, I thought they were just doing it for the press and all, but look at the front of the Tutuban Center railway station, not even one vendor in sight. Impressive I know, but it takes a lot of police presence, local government will to do this. Now that it's safe and clean, isn't it the right time to go back and SHOP? I know, I did too!

Here's our shopping adventure with Php 1000 in our pockets, shopping was FUN!

It's almost Christmas, so if you haven't shopped yet, might I interest you in going to Tutuban Center today? It's better, brighter, more safe now.


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