New Pampanga Food Destination: Chef Laudico's Feast!

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

I got up early in the morning and covered 2 events, then drove all the way to Clark Pampanga to take a shot of Chef Laudico's Feast, a new brand, a new restaurant under the belt of celebrity power couple Chefs Rolando and Jackie Laudico. They've been raring to branch out and take what success they've had in their Manila based restaurants to the outskirts, particularly this booming location frequented by locals from the north, central Luzon and Metro Manila areas.

Chef Laudico's Feast can sit up to 200-ish people. With some optional seating outside for smoking patrons. I like the bunk chairs with views outside so you can do my favorite activity in the world, people watching.

My personal favorite on the buffet, is this. It's the Belly Lechon. Soft belly meat and thin crispy skin, how can you not love that? Make sure you leave some skin for other patrons because they also need to get that experience, without the use of MSG. It's a trait that they're abiding to, I'll tell you about it later.

US Grade Angus Roast Beef, sliced thinly, with warm gravy, perfection.

They've also got a ton of seafood on the menu, but most probably you'll see Steamed Crabs and Shrimps as it is locally sourced. Only the freshest of course!

They have a dedicated Sushi Counter. It's a permanent fixture on the buffet area. They also prepare Sashimi, small bites that make you say Mmmm...

For Dimsum lovers, you'll love the variety of Siu Mai that they have on the steamer. I came back for seconds of course! But remember, you're tasting lovely food at their best, without MSG.

For those on a cheat day, yes you can have this. It's Lechon Kawali with all the pork goodness in it. It's actually surprising to see that they don't put MSG on it but it still tastes so good. Who doesn't love pork done like this right? Plus imagine their Apple Liver Sauce with hot white rice, I know!

Chef Jackie says "This is how we mind and think about the food we serve, this is like a fiesta and we're bringing it into the malls. We love fiestas and in these occasions, we see people cook from scratch. Here we're going to do the same without MSG, enhancing flavors without shortcuts. We've been doing this since the very beginning and we want to promote that flavor, we work with suppliers to achieve this and promote the fiesta culture by using the freshest ingredients, where everyone is a friend and let people experience that."

Chef Lau adds "This is different, every kitchen is. Our Chef's here are all Kapampangan and we didn't call them the culinary capital for nothing. We're more global than Guevarras here. Everyday there will be Filipino, international and Asian dishes because we have Japanese and Korean patrons too who would like to have our take of their cuisines. We will also be doing a Christmas menu here but it will be different from Guevarras in Manila."

He also mentions "This is a different group, we have local partners so you can expect authenticity in what we'll serve on the table. Our interiors are also works of art from local artists from Angeles, San Fernando and nearby towns.   For us Chefs, we like to cook for people regardless of what most connoisseurs would think. We're expanding and we hope people would appreciate what we please ourselves with, and let them try what we think is good."

He told us "There's no secret, you just have to do it from scratch and never shortchange our customers. It takes a while to perfect things. The reason why we're Chefs is that we genuinely make people happy because of our work, so people get happiness from our food. Aside from Kapampangan's love to eat and commune, we realize that this is a melting pot on it's own. Name a town here, a couple of hours here, and they still go here. I'm so surprised they drive all the way here just for food, and I get touched and also talk to them when we're here."

Here's a view of what to expect in Chef Laudico's Feast! Enjoy!

Chef Laudico's Feast is now a new dining destination when you're in Clark Pampanga. If you want to taste what he's known for in Guevarras or his other restaurants in Manila and don't want to drive all the way there, come to Clark Pampanga (just at the back of SM Clark) and take a lovely meal with family and friends. Thank you Chef Jackie and Chef Laudico for having us! I'm sure you'll get a LOT of people to appreciate what you put on their tables. Imagine a ton of birthdays, anniversaries, celebrations on the dinner table will happen because you've got Chef Laudico's Feast over there! I can't wait to go back soon!

Chef Laudico's Feast is on soft opening right now but you may book reservations through 09063512688 and 09493248382. They are at the Ground Level of BPO 1 SM City Clark and is just right across Radisson Inn Clark, go FEAST all you can!


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