Burger King Launches New Chicken Fries!

Wednesday, November 02, 2016

You must have seen those chick like photos with quirky faces on them in public buses recently. You must have been wondering what was it for and what's it all about, but I guess the secret is out!

Our well loved flame grilled burger brand Burger King just came out with the best compromise with fries and chicken lovers, they properly call it BURGER KING CHICKEN FRIES! It was unveiled in really crazy ceremonies at the Burger King Connecticut branch as they served this to guests in super cute chick containers! They also provided extra stickers so people could personalize their boxes making each one extra cute! 

They dubbed this event as the CUTECON or Cute Convention, I guess you all know why. They've set up instagram worthy barns, chicks and boxes so you can put yourselves inside. It was too cute!

The event was also hosted by real CUTE couple Sam YG and Joyce Pring. Aside from their hugs and kisses, people were asked to join two games like "Pin the beak on the Chicken" (no donkeys were harmed during this show) and the "Chicken Fries Dance Off!". It didn't matter if people were in formal wear or just plain tees, as long as they can dance (or maybe not) they still had to do it in front of the crowd! It was hilarious!

These lovely Burger King Chicken Fries are huge chicken strips dredged in flour and seasoning, lightly fried til golden and can be dipped in three different sauces. You can have it with my favorite Barbecue Dip if you dig something smoky and savory. Or you can also have it with Maple Syrup, you might think it's an odd pair but they're doing it in North America for ages, and the Honey Mustard for those who want it sweet and tangy in every bite. You will get these Chicken fries in cute chick boxes that you can play with after the meal. 

Are you craving for something to eat this holiday? I know, I will probably order one right now. Oh and remember, this is only available for a limited time only. So when you're out driving, pass by a Burger King branch near you. I'll be going to the Timog Branch now!


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