MINISO Opens Store at SM Manila and SM San Lazaro!

Friday, November 18, 2016

It was a festive afternoon that welcomed me and a couple of blogger friends and celebrities at SM Manila a few weeks ago during the MINISO launch. MINISO has been a trusted brand from Tokyo and has been expanding rapidly all throughout the world with 1,400 stores at it's helm. With products that are simple, natural and quality, they've been impressing the most meticulous consumers with their own branded products. It was super cool to see them all in one place, still affordable and could pass off as those cute Japan products you see on TV even without going to the land of the rising sun. The company's executives, SM leadership and influencers were among the attendees. I saw these two lovebirds shopping and preparing for the opening ceremonies.

Ruru Madrid and Gabbi Garcia still star on the show Encantadia. They also appear on several shows in the Kapuso Network and have been regarded as one of the love teams to beat, though I feel it's REAL just like all the GabRu fans no? :)

Miniso people were already prepared for the throng of customers that were excited to buy stuff from their store. Trinkets of Japanese products not found in the Philippines can now be bought at SM Manila and SM San Lazaro!

A Japanese ceremony was also done to scare away evil spirits from the store, so you're sure you're going to be lucky when you purchase things here!

They also had performers entertain guests after the ribbon cutting. It was fun!

You are now looking at the MINISO store at SM Manila :)

There are some really good pens, pencils, school supplies inside the store.

Gabbi and Ruru were also there to give away gold coins, real coins and buy stuff off the shelf!

In just a few minutes, the lines became this long!

There are super nice organizers and sewing kits, perfect for gifts eh?

Some stuff toys were also selling for 200+ only, super cute!

They also had these elegant fragrance pots which you can put in rooms if you want to set your mood.

These ottoman boxes were selling like hotcakes, they're really good storage solutions for small rooms and they sell it very cheap!

They also have colorful headphones that sell for less than 1K. It was one of the things I wanted to buy but I already have so much stuff at home I had to stop my self LOL!

Still have problems on the nose area? You can remove blackheads with these stickers that only cost 99 I think.

These pots and pans for individual egg or pancake servings is so cute. They have cute anime characters on them.

Kids tell mom and dad you want these cute solar powered cars. Makes a good environmentally conscious gift for your small boys and girls.

Elegant earrings, necklaces and bracelets are also sold for cheap. They have promos with these too.

Snacks from Japan, they've got it here.

I got some of these almonds. So good!

For those who love gadgets, they've got these wireless keyboards and mice.

They also have power bank units, Miniso brand :)

For those who need cases for their phones, they've got a lot of them especially the new models.

They also have personal stuff, so clean up, personal effects, they've got it!

Soon they're going to open more stores in SM City East Ortigas, SM City Fairview, SM City Sucat and SM Southmall.This is just the beginning, they're going to have more branches in a mall near you. I'm going back there this weekend because I forgot to hoard some stuff so see you!


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